58b. Plankton's Army


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I have not seen this episode in a long time, and I know I've said that about other eps, but I really haven't seen this one in a long long time! Even when I was still regularly watching SpongeBob (which I'm actually doing again now because there seems to be nothing good on TV) I don't think I had seen this episode for a few years. But of course this is one of the best Plankton episodes.

Plankton: The Plankton family has always been pushed around and stepped on. Wait! That's it! Acting alone, we're powerless, but united, the Plankton family could be a real pain in the fanny!

Hillbilly Plankton #1: It's me, Clem. 'A course you remember Zeke, Rufus, Jeke, Billy Bob, Billy Jim, Billy Billy Bo Willy Banana Fana Fo Filly, Toad, Enis...

For a Brit, that last sentence is even funnier if you have a dirty mind. :naughty: :p

Squidward: Mr. Krabs, is this really the secret ingredient for the Krabby Patty?
Mr. Krabs: Of course not! And Plankton will probably figure that out and be back again to find out what the real formula is. But don't worry, boys, the formula's safe from harm. I got it hidden in me most secret hiding place, a place no one, not even Plankton, would ever figure out.
(Mr. Krabs laughs and hops up and down with glee.)
Squidward: Lemme guess. It's at home, under your mattress.
(Mr. Krabs gasps and runs to his anchor house, screaming.)
Mr. Krabs: Curse you, Squidwaaaard!!!

Another long scene that's funny is the one where Karen finds out Plankton's first name is Sheldon and keeps displaying it on the screen behind him :p


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I am surprised that nobody made this post before because this is an excellent plankton episode, Definitly a classic. I miss those season 3 days. I think the end of season 3 was better than the beginning.


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I thought this episode was a bit weak, as well. It still made me laugh multiple times, however I don't really like it as much as some of the other Plankton episodes from Seasons 1-3. I still like this episode a lot, but compared to a lot of other Season 3 episodes, this one is not as good.

8|10 Overall


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I haven't seen this episode in a really long time. It's also very underrated, but comical. 8/10


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It is a good it's weird how he is a country family but is very good with modern technology!



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I absolutely love this episode. I wish there were more episodes where SpongeBob is barely in the episode, it is a lot more refreshing



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It's a pretty good episode. Just because it has little Spongebob doesn't mean it's bad. In fact, it has a great plot with well executed humor.


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Love this episode, one of the best pre-movie Plankton episodes. The twist with Plankton's relatives being rednecks was hilarious, and this is the episode where we find out his first name is Sheldon. No matter what anyone says, SpongeBob's Sheldon is far better than The Big Bang Theory's Sheldon.

I do find it a little strange that Plankton has been out of touch with his family for so long that he forgot they were rednecks, though. There's probably more to that story that the episode didn't tell us.

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Fun fact: Krusty Krab Training Video has the "Greetings, Malefactors" line when you slow Plankton down.


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This episode was actually good, but a little underrated in my opinion. I knew Plankton didn't get the Krabby Patty formula, for some reason. I wonder how that fake formula could get in that bottle (or whatever should I call it). Overall, 10/10.

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This episode is underappreciated and It needs more love. Seriously, I love this episode so much. It's classic just like It's partner. It's even on my top 15 SpongeBob episodes. This episode is not just one of the best episodes, It's also my favorite Plankton-themed episode EVER!!! I have many reasons why this episode is amazing. The idea of Plankton and his relatives working together to steal the formula is very creative. The plot was very enjoyable and I didn't get bored when I watched this episode. I liked that SpongeBob only appeared in two parts in this episode. Even though he is the main character in this show and he is my favorite character, he doesn't need to appear in many scnees in every episode. It was great seeing Plankton's relatives in this episode and we learned more about them. The twist with Plankton's relatives being rednecks was great and very funny. This episode is also hilarious. I laughed at many parts in this episode. Almost every character in this episode was very funny, especially Karen. I couldn't stop laughing at Karen showing Plankton's first name "SHELDON" on the screen and I laughed how Plankton reacted when he saw his first name on the screen. Plankton asking Mr. Krabs nicely to get the formula and Mr. Krabs saying "No!" was funny. The parts with Plankton getting squashed was hilarious. Clem, one of Plankton's cousins, introducing the other family members to Plankton was funny. Plankton saying "I have the restaurant surrounded. Give me the secret formula or I'll destroy the Krusty Krab!", then Mr. Krabs saying "Ah, you and what army, bug?", then Plankton saying "What army? What army?! Look around you, Krabs!", then Mr. Krabs saying "You planted grass?" and then Plankton and his relatives laughing at him was very funny. The most important ingredient of the fake formula being Plankton and hen Plankton running back to Chum Bucket cracked me yup. Squdward's final line in this episode was funny too. I gave this episode 10/10.


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I like this episode. It has some good gags and a funny ending. One of the more underrated season 3 episodes. 8.5/10


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Season: 3

Episode: Plankton's Army

This episode was amazing. The plot was really creative. Plankton's idea regarding his relatives was brilliant. This is one of my favorite episodes ever. There were many funny jokes. 10/10