46b. One Krabs Trash


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Now that I'm looking at it... why didn't they put an apostrophe in "Krabs" 0_o anyways.. great episode.. Smitty is a historic character now on the show.. "He was number one!"... I like the business guy in the little rowboat too haha


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Too overrated. I've seen this too many times. I think it has some good humor, though, like "HE WAS NUMBER 1!", but it was just decent. 5/10


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Probably one of my least favorite SpongeBob episodes. It's in my top 10 least favorite. I give it a 2/10.


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It was a great episode and lots of jokes SB: am I a pretty girl? 9/10



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This was an OK episode. While there were some pretty funny jokes, it was kinda boring and even morbid at times.


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I really like this episode. The jokes make me laugh and I like how it actually gets kind of dark toward the end. This is a great example of Mr. Krabs' greed being used well.

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This episode is so underrated and It's another perfect season 3 episode in my opinion. It's not amazing as Snowball Effect but It's still a great episode. I really enjoyed watching the fight scene and there were some funny parts in this episode like Mr. Krabs saying "that hat makes you look like a girl.", then SpongeBob saying "Am I a pretty girl?" and then Mr. Krabs saying "Oh, well, um... you're... you're beautiful.", Floating Shopping List, Squidward's scenes and the ending. 10/10


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I love this episode and it makes my Top 20 easily. Squidward's cameo, the fight part, SpongeBob saying "Am I a pretty girl?" and Mr. Krabs' appearance were great. 10/10.


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It's a good episode, I enjoy this episode a lot! It's funny, it has jokes, even some funny quotes! ("Remember, licking doorknobs on other planets are illegal!") But, as long as we are being honest, it does come off to a little boring...


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Season: 3

Episode: One Krabs Trash

This episode was great. I liked the plot. There were many funny jokes. 9/10


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Not really a favorite back then but now I really like this episode. It can get a bit boring I guess but the plot makes it a great watch. 8.5/10

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An overrated episode. It's alright, but it's nothing special. It had little humour and wasn't particularly entertaining.