43a. Just One Bite


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I love this episode! Squidward and SpongeBob were hilarious! Especially SpongeBob,

I think he secretly knew Squidward liked the Krabby, but was just pretending to be oblivious.

Like, in that first scene when Squidward orders the triple krabby Supreme, he must've seen Squidward about to take a bite and pulls it away at the last second. Then the second scene with the garbage can, surely SpongeBob had seen him eating out of it.

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HarryPotterLives said:
Haha, I actually only found out a few months ago that there was a deleted scene in this episode! It wasn't deleted where I live, so I always saw it growing up. It's a hilarious scene, too bad they cut it.

Anyway, I love this episode. Definitely one of my favorites.
It appears that someone has started a petition a few weeks ago to get the scene back up. I'm signing it.


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Season: 3

Episode: Just One Bite

This episode was awesome. I loved the plot so much. All the jokes were super funny. 9.5/10


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I found it both satisfying and funny how Squidward was obsessing over the deliciousnous of a Krabby Patty.


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I still wonder how people think that the violent scene of squidward being almost killed with fire should be in the episode. It's violent for a kids show.

And before people say "but one coarse meal and splinter and toenail thing!!!" Well those episodes are post movie while this episode is pre-movie.

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GRRRREAT episode. Great jokes (SB's face is pure gold right there), and the deleted scene is great. :rofl: that Krabs is so cheap that the only security he has is
a bucket of gas.

Anyone who hasn't seen this episode has no soul.


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It's probably my 2nd favorite episode and the banned scene makes the episode 10x funnier in my opinion. Really wish they would have kept it in. 10/10



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This episode is amazing. It has 2 of my favorite faces in all of SpongeBob and is just down right hilarious. Squidward makes this episode insanely funny and memorable. 10/10


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There's only one thing that can describe this episode:



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This is one of my favorite Squidward plots, also I love the deleted scene.




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Great episode with lots of awesome Squidward moments. Also, the deleted scene is one of the funniest moments of the entire show and I miss they kept it in.



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I really wish they kept the deleted scene, but it just makes this episode even better than it already is. It feels all dramatic, over a sandwich! 9/10

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Not one of my all time favorites but it's definitely up there. This episode is really funny and one of the most well known episodes I think. Overall a great episode. 9.5/10