38b. Artist Unknown

This episode is so funny. It has an interesting plot, too. 8.5/10
I loved this episode! Every part was filled with humor right from the start! Squiddy teaching cooking art class at the rec center, but of course, he and SpongeBob don't bother to notice. They're too busy with circles and rippy bits. Except for Monty P. Moneybags. That wouldn't fit in his collection... because it's an an ART collection! :rofl:

nuff' said
One of the most humorous and well thought out episodes!
One of the best S2 episodes. I really like the plot, and the jokes were all hilarious.
Pretty underrated, if you ask me. I give it a 10/10.
Now we just need a "Ripping Bits" Smiley.
One of my favorite episodes, and one that I feel doesn't get enough attention. It's hilarious, one of the absolute best SpongeBob-Squidward episodes.
This is everything "Professor Squidward" wants to be but fails at so hard on so many levels, especially in the comedy, animation and drawing department. Can't believe I hadn't seen this episode in years. Loved it as a kid and it still holds up amazingly well now.

The visual humor is great, there are lot of clever subtle gags and wordplay humor in each scene and I really liked the dynamic that SpongeBob and Squidward had in this episode. Also the part where SpongeBob's playing around with the marble ("I gotta lick the marble" has always been one of my favorite SpongeBob lines) has some of the funniest drawings ever when it comes to this show IMO as well as the great animation of his eyes. I have no complaints.

This is quite possibly one of the most underrated episodes of the pre-movie era. It's not an episode that a lot of people talk about which is a shame because it's got so many memorable jokes. It's a great episode and it would probably even make my top 50 best Spongebob episodes list if I ever get around to making one. 10/10
I wouldn't call this episode one of my favorites but it's entertaining and has some solid jokes like SpongeBob licking the marble. This has been said before but "Artist Unknown" is basically "Professor Squidward" done right. I'm feeling a 7.5 to 8/10 on this one.