36a. Graveyard Shift


take back the falls
Mar 4, 2011

What do you think about this episode? I love it, every single moment of this episode is just great.

Things get real creepy at the Krusty Krab during the overnight shift.

Anyways, another favorite.

:spongebob: Taking out the trash, taking out the trash, taking out the trash, at ni-
:spongebob: You mean outside?
:squidward: That's where the dumpster is, yes.
:spongebob: I don't know, Squidward, it's kinda dark out there.
:squidward: But I thought you LIKED the night shift!
:spongebob: You're right... for the Krusty Krab!
:spongebob: *pants heavily*, *snap* Piece of cake.
The walls oozing green slime is my favorite part lol... wait.. they always do that

Squidward: "First, the lights will flicker on and off."
Squidward: "Next.."
Fish: "Dude, can I have some ketchup?"
Squidward: "Oh, here you go. Next..."

Spongebob: "Ow! I burnt my hand! At night." (hand turns red and sizzles)
A wonderful episode! I thought it was Season 3 for a while. You don't hear about horror all the time in a cartoon like SpongeBob! The way Squid actually cared for his friend. SpongeBob might've seemed annoying, but it times he was just to funny. At night! Good ol' SpongeBob, doesn't care that he burned his hand on the grill! :spongebob:

10/10 :1st:
I love this episode especially at the end! The Hash slinging Slasher was a great skit.
*Flickering lights*
A normal person:Oh,I guess I need to change the lights again,
Me:THE HASH-SLINGING SLASHER!!!! :patrickomg: :xP: :banana: :funny: :pinhead:
Best episode ever. The great plot and hilarious jokes make it my favorite.
Another favorite of mine, easily in my top 5. Great plot and hilarious jokes. It never gets old.
Top 15. Pretty good.
I saw this episode as a 4-year old and I'm more creeped out by it now then I was then. (Although, that's not very creeped out at all)
Just for fun...
Here's the story of the slasher translated through a few different languages and back!

SpongeBob: Cholet right. SilläKrusty Krab ! ( Screaming , Part runs fast with a trash bag , heitetäänroskiksesta and lines inside the panting, it is now calm) Piece of cake .
Squidward : So you're not afraid ?
SpongeBob: (walking back to the kitchen ) Pfft ! Nah .
Squidward : Well, Nina Link , especially when ... ( Pulps ) Well, you know.
SpongeBob: (turns ) Rita ? Rita Lina I know ?
Squidward : You do not remember ? Part was all over the news .
SpongeBob: You tell me. Please let me know .
Squidward : It, it , it, I probably do it . It pilaisiyötyön you.
SpongeBob: ( bouncing up and down, beteen ) Rita happened? Rita happened? Rita happened?
Squidward : You mean you've never heard the story of ... " Hash Slasher - ropes " ?
SpongeBob: ( suddenly stops bouncing ) Hasher Slash - Nuki ?
Squidward : Slasher Hash - the ropes .
SpongeBob: Lamentations sash ... Trash - song ... Mash - throwing ... Flash - Springing ... Spin ... ( Squidward 's face turns annoyed ) - Ottoman Crash ... uh ...
Squidward : Yes , Slasher Hash - the ropes . Read more ... most people ask häneltäHa ... ( Sighs ), because it is all the time Zanoah Incidentally ... Get them !
SpongeBob: ( sighs ) Tell me a story !
Squidward : A few years ago a few in the same restaurant , Slasher Hash - The cables used to be a fry cook just ... such as ... for you. ( Indicates Paavo ) Only tricky . ( Paavo eyes narrow) And then , one evening , when cutting a steak , it happened.
SpongeBob: Part unohtisalainen sauce ?
Squidward : Its
SpongeBob: ESE hands his part ?
Squidward : Its
SpongeBob: unequal parts?
Squidward : It! Part accidentally cut his own hand .
SpongeBob: You mean the data ? ( Pulls his left hand and the new growth) These housing ? (Part of the new weapons will continue to pull the push , to create a string of weapons), and housing data ? Housing Mama ? Dutta What is it? Housing Mama ? Housing Mama ? Housing Mama ? Housing ...
Squidward : Except for part eisienellä .
SpongeBob: So what is cul ?
Squidward : IIN , it is growing back! ( Cris Paavo disattached hand bounce fear ), and was replaced by kätensäruosteinen spatula. ( Holder Spatula ) and then the part was the bus ! And at the funeral , they fired him ! So now all the ... What day is Canaan ?
SpongeBob: Tuesday.
Squidward : ... Tuesday - evening , Her ghost palaaKrusty Krab vengeance horrible revenge .
SpongeBob: ( sighs ) Dutta Canaan , Wednesday - the night before.
Squidward : Then part will be.
SpongeBob: ISTA know ?
Squidward : ( holds three tentacles ) of three characters, lähestymistapaSlasher Hash - the ropes . First of all , the lights are flashing ... Next ...
Review # 40 : ( approaches) Dude , can I get the ketchup?
Squidward : Oh. A few go. ( Hands him, then continues by telling the story of Paavo package) More ... ( Indicates the phone's calculator ) , the phone its soy and no one . ( Paavo quickly biting his nails ) and ropes lopuksiHash Slasher arrives in the ghost line, which put him in ! ( Paavo repeatedly swallowed his own arms ), then part off the bus and cross the street without looking both ways, because it is already dead. ( Paavo omistaaämpäri your arms and chewing on them like popcorn ), then part taps the window with his hand trowel grizzly bear .
SpongeBob: (grabs the lips ) No !
Squidward : Part to open the door ... ( Imitates a creaking door open) Part slowly approached ... fight ! ( Paavo face approaches , which looks inside) And do you know Rita Chan doing now?
SpongeBob: Rita ?
Squidward : Do you really want to know?
SpongeBob: Rita ?
Squidward : Are you sure you want to know ?
SpongeBob: Rita , Rita , Rita Chan do? !
Squidward ( Paavo creeps back) it can help you ! ( Paavo offs Aryan successive short cries Etta Squidward laughs) It's ... Whoo , hoo ... Oh my ... ( His laughter flowing , Dutta SpongeBob is ALWAYS giving off crying ) Paavo I. .. ( Paavo continues crying ) SpongeBob, water ... ( Paavo continued) I was just ... I was just ...
One of the best Season 2 episodes. This was very funny episode. Squidward said he always liked SpongeBob.
Best Character. Tie with Squidward and SpongeBob
Best moment - 3:00 AM
Everything at night hmm I don't like it. "FOR THE KRUSTY KRAB"-Spongebob Great line. Hash Slinging Slasher hmm I know where this is going I expect nothing but greatness. Spongebob you are great in this episode. Not much to say on this episode. Spongebob is getting annoying. Really annoying. This episode is starting to go down hill. Picking up again. That Plot twist that Nosefuratu(too lazy to figure out how to spell that) Great episode very funny and suprizing spooky, 9/10
Really Funny!!! But the ending scared me when I was small...and still does....