292b. Allergy Attack!

Roland D. Plankton

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Feb 7, 2022
It's an okay episode imo, nothing particularly great, nothing particularly bad. Just ok. It was entertaining enough. The twist was alright too, it wasn't too predictable.


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Aug 25, 2021
It was ok. The twist was pretty good, I was expecting the allergy to be related to the grease having not been emptied out or something. Also, the patch on Sandy's suit she gave SpongeBob having the three dots like how hers had in season 1 was a good subtle reference. There was yet another reference to the theme song. It would be interesting to see how many times this has been done this season, I wouldn't be surprised if it was half the episodes. Also how many times have recent episodes ended with Squidward saying "typical"? I feel like this is at least the third time. Maybe they're trying to start a new running gag? 7/10


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Apr 23, 2016
Considering the random nature of this show, I have to guess that this episode is going to involve allergies literally coming to life and attacking people. I’m curious to see what this episode is going to be about anyhow, because I can’t really think of any plots I’ll actually enjoy involving allergies. Doesn’t mean they don’t exist, but I just can’t come up with one on the fly. Also, it’s weird to think that this episode literally premiered after I had started my season 13 reviews (after I started prepping them, anyway).

It’s nice to see the show making up numbers again, haven’t seen that since “Truth or Square”. I also already like this plot thread, SpongeBob cooking his “kazillionth” Krabby Patty. And it’s also really nice to see Perch Perkins here considering I just finished writing a blurb about him for my season 13 overview lol (yes, I prep that before finishing all the episodes, sue me. And all I gotta say is so far, this episode is proving the big point I make in that overview). SpongeBob’s enthusiasm here is so cute. I just really love this idea of SpongeBob being a local celebrity for his cooking of Krabby Patties. And while Mr. Krabs is making this whole event to get a quick buck, I’d like to think that he’s proud of his boy-o. I haven’t had enough quasi-father-son crumbs, okay?!

Really, this entire set up is reminding me of “Pickles”, a reminder that is only strengthened when it is revealed that Bubble Bass is the one who gets to eat the kazillionth patty. Now imagine if Gene Wilder made an appearance lol, that would be funny to me. I like that SpongeBob considers Squidward’s job too in his celebration, because yeah, Squidward’s written far too many orders. And he’s written more orders than SpongeBob has cooked patties, at least if we’re going by the assumption that SpongeBob has only cooked patties that he’s been ordered to. Of course, SpongeBob is the only one that respects poor Squidward…Perch literally steps on the dude. Rude. Heh, that rhymed. I suppose I should say I also get “As Seen On TV” vibes, or “Model Sponge” vibes, or “The Krusty Sponge” vibes. And I do, but they aren’t very strong.

Considering how played up this cooking is (very entertaining, by the way), I can only wonder about the tragedy that will unfold. Will Bubble Bass be allergic to the patty? SpongeBob to the ingredients? What’s going to happen, my anticipation is killing me! Good on the episode for being on point with this. It reminds me a lot of the first movie, actually. Anyway, it seems like the issue is SpongeBob randomly being allergic to Krabby Patties now, or at least that’s what it seems like, as hives start appearing on his face. And it’s kinda nasty. Nothing “Kwarantined Krab” level thank god, but yeah, very off-putting. And the customers think so too. Honestly, everyone’s supreme lack of compassion is irritating. Always has been irritating. It’s one of the only consistent gripes I have with this show. And I know it’s for the sake of plot and sometimes comedy, but doesn’t mean I have to like it! It even ruins a potential quasi-father-son moment…I’ll let this video do the talking on that one.

After we spend some time confirming that being in the Krusty Krab is making SpongeBob sick, I now wonder what the cause of this is. Istg if this is a Plankton plot…it would be smarter than most of the plots he’s done, that’s for sure. Also, the fact that Mr. Krabs doesn’t put 2 and 2 together is irritating me. And while SpongeBob being allergic to Krabby Patties is a seemingly obvious explanation, why does no one question SpongeBob suddenly developing this allergy??? Yes, I know, suspension of disbelief, but I’m getting really tired of characters that shouldn’t be this stupid acting this stupid. And yeah, I suppose that SpongeBob’s condition gets confirmed by a doctor…but said doctor doesn’t do any real tests.

Thankfully, we move on to more interesting things, like the doctor sadistically trying to cure SpongeBob lol. Luckily for the sponge, Sandy has more sense than that, which yay Sandy’s in this episode! Sandy gives SpongeBob a big bulky suit to cook Krabby Patties in, and I can only guess what’s going to happen now (the suit will make SpongeBob unable to actually perform his duties effectively). Because this is the most obvious course of action, the episode doesn’t take it. lol. I mean, SpongeBob does have some hiccups using the suit, but it actually works pretty well, and comes with some slapstick with Squidward. And the problem with the suit isn’t that it’s bulky (though this causes some entertaining mistakes), but that SpongeBob literally cannot leave the restaurant while he’s wearing it. Of course, Mr. Krabs has no problem telling him he’ll just have to sleep in the kitchen. Bet he’ll have a problem if SpongeBob pulls a “New Digs” on him. I think it’s cute that Sandy apparently expected this, and brought SpongeBob some supplies. Good on the episode for actually keeping Sandy in the episode.

After several days, the water in the suit is nasty. Which…yeah. Just gross. At least SpongeBob and Gary get to hang out together. And where I thought this was going to turn into the next plot point of the episode, what actually happens is that customers start having an allergic reaction to the Krabby Patties too. Let me guess, this has something to do with the unsanitary way the patties are stored in the freezer? SpongeBob brings everyone into the suit with him, which is…an idea that was had for sure LMAO. Turns out, with very little fanfare, that the thing everyone was really allergic to was Squidward’s nasty cologne. Typical. And would you look at that, this epsiode ends on that line too! Is that 3 episodes in a row now? My oh my.

“Allergy Attack!” was a decent episode. The plot felt kind of anticlimactic, and the episode felt short, but the real problem I had was that everyone was irritating me except SpongeBob, Sandy, and Squidward. Me being irritated at Bikini Bottomites is nothing new, but it hurts an episode’s prospects every time. With the plot being anticlimactic, I’m trying to figure out if I really have a problem with this. It’s not really that I have a problem with the plot being anticlimactic, lots of good episodes have that. It’s more that I feel the resolution came out of nowhere…I wish we had gotten some foreshadowing for Squidward’s cologne being the culprit. We kind of got a hint with the rash only appearing after Squidward tells SpongeBob to hurry it up, but that’s not nearly enough. And also I wish the whole kazillionth patty thing wasn’t dropped from the episode entirely.

Episode Tier: Okay
Episode Score: 6.7/10


Glitter Gloss
Jun 6, 2017
Queens, NY
This episode was okay; I liked the hives aspect, but the sneezing threw me off. I have misophonia (sensitive ears) and sneezing is the worst. I thought the doctor sadistically trying to cure SpongeBob was HILARIOUS!!! Sandy being a true friend is great. Thank god this wasn't like the Kwarantined Krab. It kinda reminded me of Suds and Unreal Estate, the fact no one says "bless you" fuels the fire.