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284a. The Flower Plot


Floating Shopping List
Aug 25, 2021
Love this episode huuuh? The crew has really been on a string of great episodes lately huuuhh? Season 13 might be the best season since season 4 or 5 huuuhh? The dynamic between Plankton & Karen in this episode reminded me of their dynamic in the musical, usually Karen is just being sarcastic and downing Plankton's plans instead of going along with it and supporting him huuhh? Plankton's Petunia persona is great and somehow the "huuuhhh"s don't get old huuhhh?


Season 4-11

7 Years of Hospitality
Nov 20, 2015
This episode was just kinda weak. The plot isn't anything new (as usual for this season), and the story has a few major flaws. While it was a somewhat-clever twist for Plankton to end up liking the flower business, he decided to become evil at the end with no reason for changing back and no character development. It's fine for Plankton to end up enjoying the flower business, but in order for the ending to work, he needs to actually decide to become evil again by the end of it. In this episode, he just doesn't, and at the end he just says he's evil again, even after he took all the flowers out of the Krusty Krab in order to prevent his evil plan from happening. Karen was out of character for most of the episode as well. It felt like she was a lot more evil than even Plankton was, and she was portrayed as more of a sidekick for Plankton, rather than the usual naggy straight-man character. She even had her own evil laugh this time. I thought Plankton's plan was pretty unique and interesting, but by the time it's explained to the viewer, we don't get to see anything done with it. But honestly, the main problem this episode has is just bland writing. Most of the episode was boring, and it's just not something that I think I'd ever return to. It's not a bad episode, but it's not one I would care to see ever again.



#1 SpongeBob Reviewer
Apr 23, 2016
I’ve definitely heard of “The Flower Plot” before. For whatever reason, I associate this episode with “New Leaf”. Now, I’m not sure if this is because this episode has a similar plot to that one or not, because I literally don’t remember the plot to this one at all. So I guess we’ll find out if I’ve somehow absorbed this association through osmosis, or completely made it up.

Okay clearly I had the right idea by comparing this episode with “New Leaf”, because this episode is about Plankton leaving so that he and Karen can travel the world. Well this now feels like “Plankton Retires”. SpongeBob’s reaction to Plankton leaving is so cute and dramatic, and I think pretty representative of the way that their relationship has developed over all these years and seasons. Now obviously, everyone and their mom has reason to be suspicious of this supposed decision to leave the Krabby Patty secret formula behind, even if the Chum Bucket is demolished. Though I guess seeing the latter is enough to convince Mr. Krabs (unlike him, honestly), and get him to start celebrating his freedom.

Seems freedom isn’t for long though, as a new building gets dropped right where the Chum Bucket used to be. And this building is a flower shop! Very fun. And Mr. Krabs decides he’s gotta make friends with the owner immediately, to avoid any feuds. Well now I can see exactly where this is going. But maybe I don’t. I’m just thinking…”Married to Money”. That’s all I’m gonna say. And considering that when Mr. Krabs heads into the flower shop with a very dashing little outfit and meets Petunia…I’m getting the feeling that I might be on the money.

We get the reveal that Petunia is Plankton surprisingly early on. But I suppose that the writers knew that we knew that we knew better. Because I mean…duh. Though it would’ve been funny if this episode was like that one gag in “No Weenies Allowed”. That might’ve been entertaining. But with the reveal being this early, that means that the episode is going to have to do something to keep me entertained, because otherwise we’re going to be treading dangerous waters…dangerously close to “Married to Money” waters. I like that Karen is a part of this plot too, she doesn’t typically get involved in this schemes, so it’s a good change to see.

SpongeBob and then Squidward end up stopping by the flower shop. Okay I didn’t want to say it, but…it’s giving fanfic tropes. Not the characters, but the setting. And the ease with which they enter it. Squidward is quite charmed by Petunia. Y’all already know I don’t very much care for plots like this, but I suppose this one is done as well as it can be. And it’s only used as a joke so that’s even better (but it does come back…so).

I wonder if this episode will be kind of similar to “F.U.N.” in that Plankton’s plan backfires on him because he develops real feelings for the character he’s playing. And I don’t mean that in the euphemistic way. Because frankly it seems like Karen’s more ready to get this plot really moving than he is. And, as we come to find out, this is true. Plankton wants to put his plan on hold and become an actual florist. I mean…good for him for finding a new path, but you really gonna do that after your wife has seemingly dropped everything to help you?? For shame. Though it seems like Karen is actually supportive of him in this endeavor, so Plankton should truly count his blessings. Unfortunately, he can’t really give up on the plan as he just finished giving Mr. Krabs a bunch of bombs. Oh dear.

It’s nice to see the Krusty Krab so covered in flowers. Too bad they’re all explosives. So now Plankton has to figure out a way to get rid of all the flowers without blowing his cover. Or…I guess he doesn’t because he manages to get all the flowers pretty easily. Okay, not exactly where I expected this plot to go. And Squidward’s declaration of love is pretty funny because of how overdramatic it is, and it ends up causing all the bombs to explode on Plankton and Squidward, so it’s even more funny.

“The Flower Plot” was a pretty fun episode. Definitely better than I expected. I don’t really have very much to say about it, to be quite honest. It was just an enjoyable watch.

Episode Tier: Amazing
Episode Score: 9.1/10
Feb 19, 2024
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