26a. Grandma's Kisses


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This is actually one that I haven't seen for a few years now. It's become infamous for that rude dub someone posted on YouTube, although it was funny at the time it seems immature now :/

But yeah this isn't one of my favourite eps, although it is still a decent episode. The sideburns :p


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Probably been a couple years since I've seen this one.. I really like this one...
Sort of a touchy episode but still keeps the humor... Patrick's guide to being a man is one like no other
I know I've acquired a taste for free-form jazz myself


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This episode wasn't the best due to the people at the Krusty Krab making fun of SpongeBob because of the kiss mark on his forehead. Patrick acting like a kid was the best part here. 9/10


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I really like this episode, but it's prone to YouTube parodies (which are really funny, actually). Anyways, the plot is great: SpongeBob wants his grandma to stop kissing him in public, because everyone makes fun of him when she does.

This episode had humor and it was interesting. 8/10



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What an underrated episode. It's too bad the dubs overshadow the actual episode. Everything after the Krusty Krab bit was just flat out hilarious! "Sideburns!" "Freeform Jazz", and I also liked where SpongeBob got Office Supplies instead of a sweater. SpongeBob's Grandma is so sweet! Being a baby is always the best. :passifier:

10/10 :1st:

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I was never sure (and still don't know) whether Grandma was being a jerk to prove a point or if she genuinely thought SpongeBob would appreciate streamed coral and office supplies.

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DadMom AngryPants said:
I was never sure (and still don't know) whether Grandma was being a jerk to prove a point or if she genuinely thought SpongeBob would appreciate streamed coral and office supplies.
What horrid grandma would act like a jerk to their grandson, especially in a kids' show?



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This is a great episode. Even though Squid and town residents were a little too mean to Spongebob, it had hilarious jokes including, Freeform Jazz budahdabaduhdabadabuh


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I like Patrick's guide to manliness and Grandma treating SB like an adult, but otherwise this Episode was pretty meh for me. 3.5/10.



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I feel like this one is underrated. I felt bad for SpongeBob at the end when he was crying. (which wasn't annoying for once)


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That episode was so funny!

His grandma was trying to make Spongebob happy by giving him stuff that adults should have, such as coral, a technical manual, and office supplies, but then, he threw a temper tantrum because he wanted the stuff that Patrick (who was the baby in this episode) had but he didn't, such as cookies, a story, and a sweater with love and stitches!

I love how Spongebob was acting like a baby at the end!


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Season 2:

This episode was good. I liked the plot. There were many funny jokes. 8.5/10

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That scene at the end with SpongeBob crying made me wanna be a widdle baby again :cry:
Anyway, this was a really funny episode with some good gags. Overall, 10/10


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This one got a little too mean spirited for my tastes during the scenes where everyone is making fun of SB at the Krusty Krab. It doesn't even approach the levels the show would reach in later episodes, but it still rubs me the wrong way. It isn't such a big deal after that scene is over, though, because the rest of the episode is really good. The way Patrick teaches SB how to act like an adult, and then immediately turns around and begins acting like a little kid when he realizes how good he has it with SB's grandma is probably the best part. The ending is even a little touching, with grandma and SB coming to an understanding that he can still be her little boy and an adult at the same time. Well, at least until they show those wiseguys standing outside the house, secretly observing and still laughing at SB's behavior. Oh well, who needs them?