242a. FarmerBob

This was a good episode. There's nothing that makes it stand out as great, but it was relatively fun all the way through. Hopefully this will be the standard for Season 12.
I found this episode to be Okay. I found SpongeBob's jokes to be poorly executed and I do love how some of the sea animals were portrayed as farm animals such as the clams being chickens and the jellyfish as a cow.

The ending however left me questioning, why were the other farmers aliens from another planet?

Rating: 7.5/10
Pretty good episode, as someone who actually does live on a farm(though i'm not a farmer per se) I found the jokes quite amusing. Ending was a tad abrupt though.
I anticipated this episode to be quite boring but I was pleasantly surprised. It's a good episode.

1. FarmerBob (B)
Most of season 12 have been either okay or just solid episodes, however this episode was quite great! There were quite a few funny moments and it was entertaining throughout.

Great Episode (8.5/10)
Weird episode

Aliens are out-of-place with SpongeBob IMHO
Strange.. 5/10
Okay/Decent episode, For a Decent episode, I actually don't have anything bad to say, it was really random, but the barn theme was cool.

Pretty okay start to my least favorite season at the moment. The farm activities weren't that interesting but I think it was when the barn raising happened when I stopped caring. The episode just slaps random crap then, especially with the aliens which don't have anything to do with the plot. It's not bad but I wouldn't call it good.

Rating: Eh
I liked it. It was a good start for the season. 8/10.
An alright ep i guess. The aliens in the ep are pretty out there and random though for the show. And then Patrick and everyone dance. Pretty weird...
Funny episode. Yes i had second thoughts i want to get season 12 over with

Rating: Good Episode

FarmerBob (Good)
Welcome one and welcome all to the beginning of my season 12 reviews for SpongeBob SquarePants! This is going to be a special season of reviews, you know why? Because at the end of it, I will have reviewed SpongeBob for one full year—365 days! And that’s something to celebrate. But we’re not quite there yet, so we’ll save the celebrating. Nah, right now, let’s focus on the fact that we’re at season 12. Season 12 is like season 11—I’ve seen all of it, but some episodes here I have very, very little memory of. I know I’ve seen all of it because I have the season 12 DVD, and I always watch all the episodes when I get the DVD. But I also never did a season overview of this season on the discussion page, so it’s almost like this season is fresh. Season 13 is when we’ll get really into some new stuff that I’ve never seen before, because I’ve seen like…2 episodes of that season. But again, I’m getting ahead of myself, let’s get into season 12!

“FarmerBob” reminds me of a job I had recently. And by that I mean that I worked with kids at that job, and they loved an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse that had Mickey and friends on a farm. So that’s where my mind is at LMAO. And considering the way SpongeBob says “oh boy” as literally his first line of the episode…the connections keep connecting, I don’t know what to tell you.

Right off the bat, I can tell that this episode is giving us something a little different. The entire energy of the episode is just…different from what’s come before. I won’t say that the episode is more energized, but there’s just something in the movement of the characters that’s different. Something setting this apart from season 11. But it’s all vibes to me, I can’t explain it. It kinda feels like how Mr. Krabs does in the beginning of this episode—impatient. Like this episode’s got places to go and it can’t wait to get there. In a way, the complete antithesis of the season 6 problem (yes, I always bring up that season, which I know is what the haters I can’t stand do, but I can’t deny reality that season 6 was the one to poorly imitate the season 1 slowness, now can I?). And I think this “impatience” also shows in how we don’t actually get a set-up for this episode at all, it’s just immediately SpongeBob going to Old Man Jenkins’ farm. It’s a different way of storytelling for this show. Usually we get all the information we need to know before we start getting into new situations, but this episode has both things going on simultaneously. Very interesting.

To skimp out on paying Old Man Jenkins, Mr. Krabs leaves SpongeBob at his farm to be a farmhand. And he leaves something else too—Patrick. Okay, I don’t care how many times the show has redeemed itself with this pairing…I really don’t ever care for a random Patrick insertion. Like I can already see how much I would rather have Squidward here from this first joke with Patrick. But as always, I will give this episode a fair chance. It’s just I don’t care much for the predictable idiocy we’re about to see. I did like the certified fools joke though.

First chore that SpongeBob and Patrick have to do is get pearls from clams, which is a mix of chickens laying eggs and milking cows. SpongeBob copies Old Man Jenkins methods and fails. Patrick performs animal cruelty LMAO. I’m more laughing at my own joke than I’m laughing at this joke of the episode. Next chore is feeding the wormhogs, which look like the worms from “Pet or Pests”, so that’s interesting. I gotta say, I was literally thinking of how I was starting to get bored with this part, and then we got that funny joke with the little worm suddenly eating SpongeBob, which was funny and got me right back interested again, so props to the episode for perhaps anticipating that and providing good comedic timing. Next it’s time to milk a cow jellyfish, which ends up with quite a bit of slapstick. By this point I’m realizing that Patrick is slowly growing more and more unnecessary (he made the joke in the first chore, was an accessory of the second chore, and was completely unused in the third).

We reach the last chore, harvesting the kelp garden. Old Man Jenkins, for some reason, entrusts the two idiots to his tractor. And then we get a joke with Patrick’s licenses, which leaves me with many, many questions about who’s giving Patrick licenses (and it reminds me of “Driven to Tears”…enough said haha). I really like all the jellyfish versions of animals in this episode, because while Patrick is surprisingly good at driving a tractor, he gets freaked out by a jelly-bee, which then causes quite a bit of chaos to happen. But not the kind I expected. SpongeBob traps the bee in his nose, and Patrick literally throws him out of the tractor LMAO. And so SpongeBob basically water skis on the ground. Til his butt get stung, and he goes flying straight into the tractor. And I’m sorry but what in the world was that slo-mo??? Unnecessary and very poorly done. But it ended in a pun so that was fun.

And just as SpongeBob and Patrick were looking forward to the barn dance, the tractor destroys Old Man Jenkins’ barn. Y’all know what that means—barn-raising montage! Sorry, but this scene’s got nothing on Raise This Barn. Also, this joke is cute, but it kinda goes on too long. I would’ve preferred to see SpongeBob and Patrick try to build a barn haha. Though, the barn being apparently Jewish kind of made the entire joke worth it so maybe I’m fine with this.

This episode’s got 3 minutes left, so I can only imagine what more we’ve got to see. Turns out, it’s aliens??? You know what, it’s better than the random character appearances of “Goons on the Moon”, because it’s thematically related to the episode, so I’ll take it. The aliens are here to par-tay! Cuz turns out, the incident with the tractor accidentally created a crop circle lol. And I guess that’s it, cuz Mr. Krabs pulls up right after to pick up SpongeBob (and Patrick). SpongeBob talking to Mr. Krabs about his day is adorable, though Mr. Krabs doesn’t believe him…till they get beamed up by the aliens LMAO.

“FarmerBob” was fine, but I just didn’t connect with the episode very much. And I’m not sure if I can say why. Maybe it was Patrick, he kind of threw the balance off and then was too glaringly absent or given nothing to do. I feel like that’s only part of it though. And I can’t figure out the rest.

Episode Tier: Good
Episode Score: