238b. Karen's Virus


LBW Zelda
Jun 24, 2012
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Synopsis: Karen gets a computer virus, and it's up to SpongeBob to get it out of her.

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I actually like this episode for many good reasons.

1. Great visuals: The 3D backgrounds was used really well.

2. Nice Callbacks: When SpongeBob was battling the virus in Karen's memory, we got actual screenshots of past Plankton themed episodes such as Plankton's Army and Welcome To The Chum Bucket.

3. Sorta Alright Humor: Some jokes were pretty good. I loved how Plankton tells Mr. Krabs it's none of his business when Karen trashes the Krusty Krab and then Mr. Krabs says "This is my business" which is the Krusty Krab itself since it's his job.

Overall, solid episode. 9.5/10
I wish SpongeBob had actually done more in the episode. It feels like he was mostly just walking around. Still, the CG animation was really nice.
Another visually impressive episode, this season has seen quite a few of those(i'm sure Goons on the Moon also won't dissapoint in that department) I liked Karen's version of Plankton and Spongebob way of defeating the virus(though I am surprised Plankton didn't try to take the patty at the end).
After so many middling episodes, and ones that are good but not great, this is another guaranteed Season 11 highlight. The animation was incredible (a bit Gumball-esque at points, but that’s not a bad thing), the jokes were spot-on (“mind your own business”, “this is my business!”), they still made Karen a hilarious character by making her delirious instead of sick, and the memory bank was such a cool location. I could see a scene like it coming a mile away, but I was still blown away by how many recogniseable Karen moments were put in.

Kaz still has Pizazz!
Oh my gosh. This is without a doubt the best Spongebob Season 11 episode.

The CGI in this episode is the best CGI in Spongebob, and a lot of episode clips were shown inside the memories, This episode is the greatest thing to ever come out of modern Spongebob. (FINAL RANK: 10/10)
Oh my gosh. This is without a doubt the best Spongebob Season 11 episode.

The CGI in this episode is the best CGI in Spongebob, and a lot of episode clips were shown inside the memories, This episode is the greatest thing to ever come out of modern Spongebob. (FINAL RANK: 10/10)
I'm curious what you loved about this episode that has to do with the writing, I'd be nervous to put too much weight into nice visuals and nostalgic callbacks.
This was one of the greatest episodes of Season 11. All of the characters were in character, the visuals were great, and Karen was funny.

1. Bottle Burglars (A+)
2. The Legend Of Boo-Kini Bottom (A+)
3. Karen's Virus (A)
4. Teacher's Pests (A)
5. My Leg! (A)
6. Squid Noir (A)
7. Scavenger Pants (A)
8. Chatterbox Gary (A)
9. Appointment TV (A)
10. Call the Cops (A)
11. Man Ray Returns (B)
12. Doodle Dimension (B)
13. Spin The Bottle (B)
14. Larry The Floor Manager (B)
15. Drive Happy (B)
16. Sanitation Insanity (B)
17. Moving Bubble Bass (B)
18. Krusty Kleaners (B)
19. Stuck On The Roof (B)
20. High Sea Diving (B)
21. ChefBob (B)
22. Goons on the Moon (B)
23. There's A Sponge In My Soup (B)
24. The Grill is Gone (B)
25. Whale Watching (B)
26. Plankton Paranoia (B)
27. Patnocchio (B)
28. Surf N' Turf (B)
29. Spot Returns (B)
30. Shopping List (B)
31. The Night Patty (B)
32. Mustard O'Mine (C)
33. Pat the Horse (C)
34. Cave Dwelling Sponge (C)
35. The Clam Whisperer (C)
36. Library Cards (C)
37. No Pictures, Please (C)
38. Cuddle E. Hugs (C)
39. Old Man Patrick (C)
40. Grandmum's the Word (C)
41. Don't Feed the Clowns (C)
42. Krabby Patty Creature Feature (C)
43. The Check-Up (D)
44. Bunny Hunt (D)
45. Fun-Sized Friends (D)
46. Ink Lemonade (F-)
This episode is decent. I liked the plot and animation, but there wasn't that much humor.

Good Episode (7/10)
Karen's Virus is a good episode. 8.5/10.
Now here’s an episode I remember premiering quite clearly. Mostly because of the promo. But also I remember this episode because visually, it’s very different from many other episodes, particularly with those 3D backgrounds.

Before I get started, I gotta say it: this show has a bad habit involving Karen in particular: it will make her seem like a featured character of the episode, and then write her out so we’re not actually following her character at all. This happens all the time. “Karen 2.0”, “Gramma’s Secret Recipe”, “Single Cell Anniversary”…these are just a few examples. And “Karen’s Virus” is now on that list…kind of. This episode definitely does way better than those other entries, since she is the star of the B-plot, but her being delirious for the entirety of it means that we don’t really get to see her, you know what I mean? It’s kinda annoying how this show refuses to do much substantial with her (at least, that is until we get to “Girls Night Out”, which is approaching quickly).

I know a Jean-Jacques Perry track when I hear it, and One Zero Zero is a wonderful techno sounding track. But now getting into the episode properly, I like this little beginning scene we get of Karen hanging out with a friend, it’s nice to see her be up to something that isn’t exclusively related to Plankton or the Chum Bucket. But this scene ends quickly, and soon Plankton’s demanding Karen’s time and energy…but now she’s sick. So somebody’s gotta get that virus outta her. It’s a suicide mission, and of course Plankton ain’t romantic enough to pull that off, so he’s gonna recruit the resident idiot—SpongeBob! I liked this little joke about the Chum Bucket’s health rating lol. I also think that Karen’s deliriousness is funny.

So now SpongeBob’s been sent into Karen’s uh…actually where has he been sent? Her hard drive? Main frame? I don’t even know. Anyway, this is where we get all these neat little backgrounds, I love the environment in this one. Also SpongeBob is absolutely hilarious in this part, refusing to respond to Plankton’s insults. I love SpongeBob. SpongeBob makes his way around Karen’s harddrive, eventually meeting her Ideal Plankton, who’s ripped and the perfect man. We also see her versions of Mr. Krabs, Squidward, and then SpongeBob. The SpongeBob’s fighting each other was amusing too, and the “eenie meenie miney mo” part was great too. Eventually, Ideal Plankton ends up falling into an abyss, which leads to the most memorable joke of the episode, when SpongeBob’s like “No!” and he’s like “What do you mean no?”. That was a good one. There’s lots of good ones in this episode.

As for Karen and Plankton, Karen’s delirious and she breaks out of the Chum Bucket, because she’s hungry and wants a Krabby Patty. Again, her delusional antics are amusing. In her search for a patty, she destroys the whole Krusty Krab, and flirts with the cash register. I can’t believe it…sapphics in SpongeBob??? Yeah I know, let me have this. That part was hilarious regardless. Then, Karen goes on a joy ride. It’s fun seeing her have literally no cares in the world.

SpongeBob enters Karen’s memory banks, ready to make one last push to save her. I love that we got to see clips of old episodes in here. We didn’t focus on any of them of course, but I like that the footage was there. SpongeBob realizes that the virus is simply hungry, and so he comes up with a solution—give the virus a Krabby Patty and let him feast forever. And so they day is saved, thanks to SpongeBob SquarePants! (love a good Powerpuff Girls reference, how did I do?)

Episode Tier: Amazing
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