234a. Patnocchio


May 12, 2018
British Columbia, Canada
spongebranch said:
Put these in episode discussion please.
I think they have to be approved and put into episode discussion.

Anyways, again haven't seen it, but I have said it sounded really stupid, and I hope I am not correct.

EDIT: Found my prediction about it:
FinnDinner said:
234A- Patnoccio- Plankton tells Patrick he’s his conscience so he can convince the wooden-headed star to steal him a Krabby Patty
This sounds really stupid. It doesn't sound like this will work at all. Patrick can't even get the formula, he doesn't work at the Krusty Krab. Plankton is just as capable. We've seen him use Patrick's stupidity, and this just doesn't sound original or clever at all, but that's my opinion.
Jun 2, 2015
Kong Island
Unfunny/half-baked throughout, with a few moments of creativity. ("Let your conscience be your guide", as from the movie; the take on Gepetto; Plankton getting stepped on, in line with the original book. The transition to Pearl as Monstro was also pulled off well.) Not worth catching it for, though.



SpongeBob Expert
Oct 8, 2012
I really liked Karen telling the story. It was good seeing Goofy Goobers again. I really liked the mini conscience that Patrick had. 9/10

Uncle Sherm

Moby Dollar
Dec 25, 2012
Seeing Goofy Goober's again was fantastic.

The rest of the episode was unfunny, unfocused and bland.
Dec 20, 2017
I actually really like this episode. It’s actually my favorite of the season. The Pinocchio references were genius, and I thought it was a very funny episode.


On semi-hiatus
Feb 26, 2016
Auckland, New Zealand
I feel like this episode got the parody down just right, and I’m surprised they were allowed to use some of the names from the movie, but in trying to incorporate a boatload of references, it sometimes forgets to be a good episode in its own right. The rock announcements are cool though, and that subtle One Coarse Meal reference just kills me.
Feb 1, 2017
At the Jellyfishing Convention
Vuvuzela Smasher said:
This felt like a Season 9 Fairly Odd Parents episode
Now that I think about it, I kind of agree!

This episode felt really odd, were there different writers or something? This felt like an episode of a different show, but the parody was actually a pretty neat concept and the characters chosen, Patrick and Plankton, felt like perfect fits to me! and I loved that bit about Gush N' Flush parodying those cheesy commercials! :clapping: Overall, it was alright.
Jun 6, 2017
Of all the things to parody, Pinocchio may be the strangest choice for this series to parody. It’s a timeless story (Well, at the least the Disney adaptation is…), so the troubles of this episode being dated are entirely void. I still find it odd that they decided to dedicate an entire episode parodying Pinocchio, it really does show how devoid they are of ideas. But in the end, I found this to be a surprisingly decent episode. Yeah, it’s no masterpiece by any means, but this episode is surprisingly much funnier than I anticipated. The high five gag, the fiery eyes of the Goofy Goober employee, the way they incorporated the whale into this parody, Plankton’s line about his mother saying he’d end up in the stomach of a whale…or prison. There are just a lot of clever jokes in this episode, way more than there should be for a freaking Pinocchio parody. And it kind of makes this a fun, little goofy episode. It’s not supposed to be taken seriously, Mr. Lawrence literally wrote a fake advertisement scene for the middle of the episode. And it intertwined well with the story, a lot of the jokes aren’t just “LOL Random!!!” humor, they tend to play a role in how the episode progresses. Sure, there were gags that were weaker than others, but they’re not unbearably bad. I didn’t find Karen to be that funny as the Computer Fairy, but she was a decent character nonetheless. I thought the nose fight scene was a little unnecessary, but it didn’t drag out for too long, so it wasn’t much of a nuisance. Heck, Patrick isn’t even a nuisance in this episode. His idiocy is toned down severely, and he’s written more as a fool than a brainless ape.

Disregarding the Pinocchio elements, this is just your average Plankton disguises himself episode. Seriously, it’s Spin the Bottle with more intelligence. But the quirky humor that oddly works well in this strange parody makes for a pretty entertaining episode. So yes, it is a tired concept, but Lawrence focuses more on developing funny gags to intertwine with the plot, and I think that execution of the plotline was properly done.

Overall, I say I enjoyed this episode. It’s a silly, nonsensical episode, and I’d say it’s a Good Episode. Not great by any means, but if you’re just in the mood for some silliness, I’d recommend checking it out. I give it a 7/10.
Nov 10, 2017
United States
This episode was strange. I enjoyed it, it was just really strange. We haven't really seen an episode like this. I do like how Karen was narrating the episode. That was actually pretty clever. It wasn't the best episode, mainly because the premise is so weird and it seemed like something that was doomed from the start.

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Dec 3, 2017
Wow, I’m honestly shocked a lot of people don’t like this one.
Agreed,how anyone can say something bad about this MAGNIFICENT episode,it’s don’t have There’s Sponge in my Soup bizarre atmosphere,Mr Krabs’ torture from Check Up,Gross visuals of Creature Feature,or slapstick from godawful Don’t Feed the Clowns.Just well structured plot with great characterization and non completely random comedy,along with Old Man Patrick it’s one of the better episodes from this season.Lumoshi out of 10