231a. My Leg!


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Discuss this episode here. I like how the writers decided to make an episode about a running gag in the show. We'll see how good it is.

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This is the best post-sequel episode, or at least one of them, holy shrimp.

Animation was fantastic, the running gag with the MY LEG ambulance was hilarious and perfectly timed, Fred finally gets a starring role and some character development, there's an excellent musical number, every single joke hits...I didn't expect an episode based around a background gag to be this amazing.


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Ink Lemonade hurts me.
Wintermelon43 said:
Wow, disappointed. None from North Korea was seen. Nurse Bazooka was just a side character the this episode. They lied. They also had horrible choices for the colors. It wasn't funny. SCUMBOB episode. Don't do this again Nick. 9.5/10.

The only thing I liked about this episode is that Fred the fish is cute as Pinkie Pie :pattongue:
I don't think I'll ever get tired of this copypasta.


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The episode was OK

I WILL say that it's cool the show is doing episodes based around the Bikini Bottomites

That could allow for more plot variations

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Man. I'm impressed. I liked nearly everything with the episode. Almost every joke cracked me up. The facial expressions superb. The running gag didn't tucker out at all. Fantastic episode. 10/10


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Wintermelon43 said:
Wow, disappointed. None from North Korea was seen. Nurse Bazooka was just a side character the this episode. They lied. They also had horrible choices for the colors. It wasn't funny. SCUMBOB episode. Don't do this again Nick. 9.5/10.
BTW, I loved this episode. 8.5/10
It was a fine episode with a nice ending but did they really have to yell "MY LEG" over what might have literally been near 30 times? Just got annoying despite that honestly being the only major issue.

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Amazing episode. I loved the montage at the beginning, especially the part at the sportz stadium (although the part with the live-action fish was stupid). It had a great song, great humor, great running gags, really funny jokes, and M Y L E G I S I N L O V E



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Despite "My leg" scream got a little bit repetetive during the episode, otherwise, is was surprisingly awesome. It was hilarious, it has a good pacing, animation is gorgeous as always, it's a perfect package that shows how much post sequel can do in episode.
And did I mentioned the song? Because it was pretty sweet, catchy and funny at the same time.
No joke, it's 1-3 seasons material in my book.
It 10/10.
This episode was fine by me but it definitely had problems. Just like Trophy said, My Leg gag didn't need to be repeated too much. I laughed at some of these like Fred in a dress, the meditator burning his legs and silent My Leg gag but I wish they didn't need to be loud at every single My Leg line. That definitely took away the purpose of the gag. Aside from Fred ending up in a hospital for saying "My Leg", I got so tired of ambulance running gag as well and it kept reminding me that I was watching a modern FOP episode. Nevetheless, the episode got some good laughs from me. I loved the flashback joke so much. The nurse ending up being a muscular woman who looks like a dude was funny. Fred and SpongeBob's attempts to break Fred's leg got good laughs out of me as well. Fred's song "My Leg is in Love" was definitely good and it shows how much of a good singer Mr. Lawrence is. Overall, I enjoyed it but I don't think this is something that will hold up for having so many running gags.

Grade: B


I can say this wasn't a disappointment like Doodle Dimension.

I definitely agree with the over saturation of the my leg joke, but there was a nice variety of jokes that got a chuckle from me.

I also like the song. They made good use of it considering the show doesn't put much music numbers anymore.

I'll put my final rating and thoughts when I get there in my discussion page, but I did enjoy the episode, as flawed as it may be.


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This episode was pretty good. I don't think there's much to dislike here, other than the overuse of MY LEG! jokes. The animation's pretty good (and the visual humour is spot-on) so what's not to like otherwise? I liked it for the most part and, while it's probably not going on a top 10 list, it's good enough for me to give it an 8/10: a GOOD rating.


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This episode broke the streak of the superb episodes of this season. (High Sea Diving, Bottle Burglars) It did it badly. First of all, the “my leg!” gag is ruined as it’s constantly being said over and over and over again. That and the ambulance gag as well. The slapstick here is a big problem as usual. The song was...okay? I felt that it really tried, but it ended up being a bit cringeworthy. I couldn’t really find anything redeemable here. Congratulations Sportz? you are no longer the worst post-sequel episode. This trainwreck and its sister managed to be the worst.

Rating: 0/5 (SCUMBOB!)


I was curious about how bad "Ink Lemonade" was, and since this was the sister episode and it happened to be on as well, I decided to watch it and see if it was any good. I'm a big fan of the "MY LEG!" gag and seeing an episode devoted to Fred seemed interesting. Unfortunately, it wasn't that good. Part of the charm of the "MY LEG!" gag is that it doesn't appear in every episode and when it does, they only say it once or twice at maximum. Here, they say it constantly throughout the entire episode, and after the first ten seconds, it starts to get old fast. Most of the episode is just random slapstick with Spongebob trying to avoid getting Fred's leg hurt, and while these jokes aren't annoying, there's too many of them and I don't think any were particularly funny. I don't really like the direction the show has gone in as I feel like it was much better when the humor was more focused on the characters and the dialogue rather than random slapstick and nonsense. The only thing that saves the episode from being bad for me is that Fred and Spongebob are portrayed well in the episode, but they really needed to tone down the craziness and the "MY LEG!" gag for this to have worked.