223a. Sanitation Insanity

the episode hasn't got a airdate but might as well make a topic to it.

"When Mr. Krabs gets in trouble for littering, he makes SpongeBob and Squidward clean up Bikini Bottom"

The concept worries me because it sounds a lot like Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful and Mr. Krabs seems like a jerk here but hopefully it'll be executed well.

Discuss when it's aired.


I really want to talk about this episode,everything about it is so interesting,because before I saw this episode,I’m really worried about it,become this ep really sound’s like strange place were everything gets wrong.And then Ben Gruber surprise me,a lot

First of,wow,another Spongebob and Squidward team-work episode?Yes please!
Like The Sewers of Bikini Bottom or The Check-up,team-up with this two characters done perfectly,and honestly,this episode
has best Spongebob+Squidward team-up,thanks for one thing-development.From beginning Squidward was very lazy and jerky
guy who barely truing to help Spongebob clean Bikini Bottom,for that he gets a bit punishment(Also,yes,this episode does Squidward tortured right,not like Bunny Hunt did),and later,him stay more caring and friendly to Spongebob,that make this octopus a lot likable.Spongebob is likable too!His full of energy and fun,and he always caring about Squidward.

From humor aspect,I think this episode work decent,while it’s isn’t most funniest episode of the season,but still pretty funny.Highlight of humorous side for me is definitely Trash Inspectors,don’t know why,but this two guys made my laugh a lot,just how stylistic his personalities from this topic is.Outside from Inspectors,everything else is just fine,l like creepy doll scenes and some other slapstick jokes,but joke were Spongebob get crushed a lot of boats just dull and predictable,even this scene make me a bit smile,thanks for animation,oh,speaking of animation...

...it’s typical great season 11 animation,BUT,there’s one thing that really surprised me,and it’s lack of gross-out stuff.Like the whole premise of SI,it’s sounds like half of the episode would be focused on how gross garbage is,and that not.Yes,trash still look like trash,but it’s detailed in so small doses,that don’t make it cringly.Best example I think is design of that strange doll,it’s looks strange, but not detailed that much.Also this action scene,it’s looks very cool and fun at same time.

Sanitation Insanity is episode that dying everything right.Cool action and animation,solid comedy,and most important-development.It’s isn’t my favorite episode from this season,but I’m not remember that this episode doing something wrong.So yes,It’s a very enjoyable episode

And you know what?Now I Miss Ben Gruber,sure,he can wrote some garbage like The Clam Whisperer,but episodes like Larry the Floor Manager,Teacher’sPests,Cuddle E. Hugs(Yes,I like it)and this,proof that Ben Gruber have his way to make amazing episode with a lot of fun


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Sad day. This is Ben Gruper's last episode.

RIP the cake kid, texting King Neptune, clam poop, thicc Cuddle E Hugs and the revival (not rip-off) of Pat the Horse. It's sad that we may never see Patrick be cute as Pinkie Pie again but all good things come to an end.
Production wise, Cuddle E. Hugs was the last thing Gruber wrote, so Sanitation Insanity is next to last episode by him.


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Really good episode, Ben Gruber left the show on the high note. My favorite part was definitely the fight in the end, it was so random in a good way.
This was a much much much better version of Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful. I could see why some people wouldn't enjoy this due to Mr. Krabs forcing SpongeBob and Squidward to do his job but I didn't mind it as much as I expected. As usual SpongeBob/Squidward dynamic was so much fun but this episode was great because it had ton of great gags. I loved Squidward riding behind the truck and getting squashed because of SpongeBob's inability to drive. The joke of baby carrier mistaken for a trash truck was very clever. The creepy baby doll part made me so lol. Not the mention Squidward and SpongeBob fusion bit was amusing random gag. And darn, the whole climax of trash fight was both exciting and hilarious. It was really satisfying to see Mr. Krabs getting his karma and baby doll returning at the end was a funny way to end this episode. Ben Gruber managed to deliver a simple, yet funny and exciting episode and barely it felt disgusting considering all the trash that were all over Bikini Bottom. I watched this episode twice and it still holds up.

Grade: A-
Calling it right now
Nice, this actually didn't happen.

Anyway, I liked this episode. It was funny, it surprisngly wasn't gross at all (with this and high sea diving, it appears they're able to make trash not gross but still well animated, it's nice), and I liked the fight at the end. My favorite joke of the episode was when Spongebob was reading a book about responsibility while ironically being unresponsible by not driving.


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Klu said:
Really good episode, Ben Gruber left the show on the high note. My favorite part was definitely the fight in the end, it was so random in a good way.
This is NOT his last episode. Strange you didn't see this.

RomNick said:
Production wise, Cuddle E. Hugs was the last thing Gruber wrote, so Sanitation Insanity is next to last episode by him.
This is NOT his last episode. Strange you didn't see this.
He posted literally five minutes after you, so it's likely that he didn't see it. Still, I don't think it's something to get worked up over.

Anyways, this episode turned out better than I expected. Like someone else said, it was like a better version of Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful (but without Squilliam :( )

Just like in High Sea Diving, I didn't notice any real extreme-wacky animation in this one. I think Brian Morante might be my favorite boarder now, because his episodes generally seem to be more restricted when it comes to the animation, but still fluid, just like in 9B. And unrelated, but I noticed it seems like Fred Osmond does a lot of those episodes that are full of wacky faces and insane animation, like Whirlybrains, Bunny Hunt, Moving Bubble Bass, and recently, tonight's My Leg!

Getting back on topic, this episode actually had some funny jokes. The creepy baby, and its return in the end were hilarious. And the fight scene was great, though a bit reminiscent of Sand Castles in the Sand. I'm in a rush, so I give this one an 8/10 for now.


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Well...it was...alright, I guess. It certainly wasn't a terrible episode by any means, but it was far from good. Sanitation Insanity is kind of like Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful done...well, I wouldn't say right, I'd say at least a proper version of the basic synopsis. Sanitation Insanity's main storyline is relatively simplistic. Krabs makes a giant mess out of trash out of his cheapness, he ropes Squidward and SpongeBob into doing his dirty work (Heh-heh, better dialogue humor than what this episode has to offer), wacky trash related hijinks ensue. It's your standardized SpongeBob episode, the main problem is that Ben didn't build on it at all, it's kind of just your typical cartoon setup and story. No interesting twists are really thrown in, aside from maybe the dump truck robot transformation, but aside from that, it's the most predictable execution of such a generic layout.

The episode of course isn't necessarily story driven. It's primarily driven through an excessive spew of jokes, and when the humor is as bland as Raisin Bran, minus the Raisins and milk, the humor does not do this episode any favors. The gags in this episode are so basic, so generic. Trash is being slung all over the place, hah-hah. It'd have a better comedic effect had it been done in live-action media (This type of episode would've made a great Stooges episode), but gross-out humor doesn't necessarily translate as well in cartoons as it does in live-action. In live-action, you can easily rely on something gross because, well...it's real. In cartoons, however, there needs to be a clever spin on the gag, it needs to be more layered than just something gross. Heck, detailed close-ups are easily the best type of gross-out humor, because there's so much possibility with what you can do with those gags. There are so many options with how to execute a nasty close-up, so many different details. This episode just relies on throwing trash. The trash isn't gross, we know trash is gross, but there's nothing more to these basic gags! I can't really, nor do I have any desire to go into extreme detail of what makes this episode as humorless as a sack of flour. All the gags are visual gags, not creative, interesting visual gags, no, pathetic slapstick that relies too much on characters getting wacked or something along those lines.

The story is really harmless. It's not a good plot, oh not at all, it has no real convention, the characters are...well, give me a moment, I will get there, Ben did absolutely nothing to add onto this generic story structure. The gags in this episode are so pitifully cheap, there's no ounce of creativity in them in the slightest. When practically every other bad episode from the Post-Prequel era feature loads of these gags, they don't even feel original anymore, it feels like the same ol' boring routine! I've seen practically the same gags portrayed in this episode over the course of several Season 10 & 11 episodes, they're such a bore to sit through.

I honestly didn't expect this episode's humor to be so lacking, even Bunny Hunt had some legitimately good jokes (Really early on into the episode). But with no interesting story for the gags to flow through, this episode is severely lacking.

And the characters, ugh...the characters...

Krabs is used as nothing more than a plot device. His "greedy" trope is the only reason he has a role in this episode, to kickstart the plot. Sure, he gets his comeuppance, which if there's any satisfaction from this episode, it's that, but he's really just not than fun of a character to watch. There are ways to make Krabs a more enjoyable and entertaining character, while still retaining his greed. Give him proper motivation to skip out on assisting the cleanup, don't just make his excuse derived from laziness, actually build a more interesting subplot to Krabs' situation in this episode (It's not like there's really anything essential going on in the main plot anyway, just constant slapstick, that's all). Maybe turn Krabs' motivation into attending, oh I don't know, something to do with Pearl, maybe. Have it be closing time at the Krusty Krab, he needs to rush out to drive Pearl to a concert or something, because he doesn't want her racking up his gas. The trash needs to be taken out, but there's only one bag left, so Krabs in a hurry, gets SpongeBob and Squidward to stuff it all in one bag. At the end of the episode, Krabs learns his lesson about being too cheap, and that it's okay to spend some money, and allows Pearl to drive his car around. That would be a proper and complete story! Not the usual greed trope we see pop up anytime a writer decides to think inside the box.

Squidward was a fairly decent character in this episode. He was pretty much entirely in character, didn't have that many problems with him. SpongeBob wasn't really much of an intentionally unlikable character. He was pretty annoying at times, but that's many in part of the awful jokes he was a part of. Patrick was pretty annoying in this episode. I was kind of worried since Season 11 doesn't have the best track record of handling Patrick's character, especially given how low this episode will stoop to throwing in a gag no matter how unfunny it is. But surprisingly he wasn't as bad as I thought he would be the moment his house popped up. I knew that he would obstruct SpongeBob and Squidward from reaching their goal (C'mon, you thought this episode would try something different?), but I liked how he acted as a foe to SpongeBob and Patrick through the trash fight. I thought that was a pretty neat concept, given how they're battling Transformer-esque robots, but of course like anything else in this episode, the execution was so anticlimactic, it was the same ol' goofy slapstick, this time with excessive trash thrown around. The trash inspectors were probably the highlight of the episode, I thought they were pretty good characters, I really find their car's design amusing and pretty creative.

Sanitation Insanity seems like your regular ol' bad episode from Season 11. The problem is, it's got worse humor than usual, virtually no story, unlikable characters, and was just overall, terribly executed. Sanitation Insantiy is an Awful Episode. I give it a 3.4/10

EDIT: Before I'm accused of hypocrisy, the beginning of this review was literally seconds after I finished watching the episode. I had to let it sink in over time for my "It was alright" status to evolve into my "It was awful" status
This was an enjoyable episode. I enjoyed it more than Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful. While I wouldn't call it great, it's got some charm and enjoyability that I can't help but recommend it.

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