204a. Mutiny on the Krusty

Aug 24, 2013

This is the last season 9 episode, so why not finish the topic list :P

When a storm blows away the Krusty Krab, an insane Mr. Krabs has to guide his employees and customers back to their homes.

This sounds really interesting to me and it kind of makes me hope for that Mr. Krabs will probably be a caring boss once again. This episode is written by Kaz. Not sure when it's gonna air but may be on August.

Discuss this episode when it airs. :)
WhoBOO! said:
Did any one of you watch this episode or you just got stuck with Pieguyrulz's season 8 review? :sbface:
Lol I was going to say the same thing.

Yeah the season 8 vid was my priority although I'm going to watch the episode now.
I have no idea how to feel about this episode. It certainly wasn't horrible though imo.
I have no idea how to feel about this episode. It certainly wasn't horrible though imo.
It was to me, it felt mean and I certainly didn't like Mr.Krabs in this episode.

I'm not talking about it anymore.
I'm conflicted but for now I will say it was disappointing. The premise sounded absolutely great but the execution was rather lackluster. Most of it was just SpongeBob, Squidward, the customers, and Mr. Krabs bickering which I found more annoying than funny. Mr. Krabs was also a bit poorly characterized and he annoyed me. At first it seemed like they were going to make him redeem himself but they just pushed his dictator role to the ground. I will say the general adventure was kinda fun but over all I'm just not feeling this one. I'd say this is around the levels of the Fishbowl.
Growlie said:
It was to me, it felt mean and I certainly didn't like Mr.Krabs in this episode.

I'm not talking about it anymore.
I felt it was mean in a comedic way.

While this didn't meet expectations, which I didn't have gigantic of, and didn't mind if they were altered, this made me laugh. It wasn't really the best story, but I didn't mind the mean-spirited comedy, and the monster was cool. Also did anyone see the Sea N N thing on the TV at the beginning? Because THAT was brilliance. It's an episode that's hard to find feelings for, but I can certainly say that I didn't hate it. Though I'll admit it wasn't the best...
This episode was disappointing, I honestly expected more since the plot sounded very interesting for an episode. I hated Mr. Krabs in this episode, he was so out of character. The episode itself was boring, and it felt like nothing was going on except the characters arguing. I feel like season 9 has been declining in quality recently, we went from great episodes like "Company Picnic", "Pull Up a Barrel", "Sanctuary!" and "CopyBob DittoPants" to meh episodes like "Salsa Imbeclilicus" and this one. Overall I would give this episode a 5/10, it was okay, but not to my expectations. I'm hoping "Snail Mail" and "TT,TWT,aNBTT" are going to be better than this one.

See latest review. ;)
It was alright.l t was fun and had some good jokes (love the use of my leg) but Mr K was jerky and i've seen the "we want the orginal jerky boss guy back" thing done better.​
Everyone's majorly complaining about this episode, something I feel it's undeserving of.

Mr Krabs seems somewhat cruel here, but it doesn't harm anyone, and is played up for comedic measure, something I think SpongeBob usually does well, and here is no exception. Some of the jokes I found pretty funny (SpongeBob flipping the patty back on the grill when they're in the storm being my personal favorite), and the monster design was amazingly creative and I loved it.

Very good episode, not the best out of the series run, but still very fun and creative.
Pretty good episode. The gags were alright, and I actually didn't mind Mr. K's characterization in this episode. 7/10
Wow, I'm surprised to see that not a lot of people like it as much as I do. I thought it was really funny throughout the whole thing and the dynamic with the KK crew and customers made the episode really good. By the plot of the episode, I thought it sounded really good so I was excited and it didn't disappoint. It was better than last weeks episode, Bulletin Board (which i still found good btw)
I liked this episode, although it seems like most people didn't. I can see why though, since Mr. Krabs was so mean (the description of the episode made it sound like he'd be caring like he's been these past episodes). I thought the episode would be better, but it wasn't terrible. I think what kept me most interested was the animation.
Is it bad that the backgrounds are the best thing about this episode? Seriously, they look as if they came straight out of SBM2.

Just, ugh, Mr. Krabs was so unbearable. Did he really have to act so much like a "tyrant" in this episode? It felt like he cared nada for anybody who happened to set foot into the Krusty Krab. Add in a little too much squid abuse and too dumb to live Bikini Bottomites and this episode became a real pain to sit through. I really expected better from the same guy who wrote SpongeBob LongPants. Definitely one of the worst that 9b has to offer.

I will however give it points for giving the monster a creative design and for the use of the "my leg" gag, but that's about where the praise ends.
A little conflicted on this one, but so far I'd probably give it like an 8/10. If it's going anywhere in the future, it's probably lower, but yeah. Same problems as everyone else, they needed a reason for Mr. Krabs's behavior, and the story felt pretty disjointed. However, I will give it points for humor, since I found it to be as a whole, a pretty funny episode, even if it has... glaring flaws. Probably not the best episode to end season 9 on, but I'd still say it's a good episode. Really, the comedic factor is what's most important to me, and this episode does have plenty of good comedy. If Mr. Krabs had a reason to be grouchy, and the last few minutes were handled a little better, this could easily make it into the best of the season, but as it stands?
This one really sucked tbh. Besides Mr. Krabs being completely unbearable, it just wasn't funny. I chuckled maybe once or twice but that was it. Horrible pacing, very boring for the most part, but some good animation. First 9b episode I hated upon first viewing. I'll watch it again to see if my mind changes
It had such a great premise but it was very underutilized. It was boring and just wasn't that funny. It wasn't terrible like some may say and I think the part with Mr. Krabs being a "tyrant" is just satirical. It was such an okay ep. Almost good but it wasn't. The animation was cool though.
This episode was just...... weird. I can't really rate it because the oddness is just too much to handle. I did find the "Hatty Patty" joke to be funny. Plus, there's a My Leg, although I don't know how a DIME can hurt someone... Also, how did Kaz get away with the monster pulling Mr, Krabs' feet off? Really, you'd think Nickelodeon wouldn't approve of that.