201b. Bulletin Board


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This episode is confirmed and it is scheduled to air on Friday, August 12th 2016...discuss the episode here when it airs in some days, I think it's going to be another good one for season 9


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The Bulletin Board is like a metaphor for the internet. I like the expressions in this episode.


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It was a good episode. 7.5/10

However, it was too predictable because everyone knows that P-Star 7 was Patrick, but I still enjoyed it. It represents the internet today very well.

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I won't say much about it until October but what I saw was enjoyable, for now I'll say



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While I loved the vibrancy of this episode, I thought it didn't quite live up to its concept.

First off, we get too much leading up to Spongebob's creation of the bulletin board. That could've established the premise with one shot and one line but instead we get Spongebob coming up with the idea and the overly long scene with the grandma. However, the episode really does pick up once the townspeople start getting into it. One thing I noticed is that Mr. Krabs (despite the usual references to his greed) seemed to care about how well-liked the Krusty Krab is and how nasty people were becoming. My favorite part of the episode is definitely when things spiral out of control and the comments turn vicious, along with people's reactions.

Nice to see that Bubble Bass hasn't changed at all (not). He's still trying to rile people up. Squidward stands up to him this time, which is nice. I really liked his line "I'll give you a number... Of contusions!" Guess he really gained confidence after learning karate.

(Spoilers follow):

I didn't like how most of the comments could be traced back to Patrick. Sure, he meant well and he wasn't being cruel on purpose, but in my opinion, finding out who PStar7 was didn't matter as everyone was being cruel to each other. He may have inadvertently started it, but everyone propagated it. It was satisfying watching Mr. Krabs throw people out of the Krusty Krab, but as usual, the townspeople don't really learn their lesson.

Squidward's reaction to seeing a negative review of him was funny, though: "Don't you yokos know I'm working here IRONICALLY?!"

The episode peters down when we get to the stakeout scene. Apparently Squidward has a tattoo now (what?) which Mr. Krabs and Spongebob make fun of. It's another Squidbob moment but oh well, I guess that was inevitable. Mr. Krabs destroying the bulletin board seemed like a casual affair than the climax they were trying to make it be, but it was nice how he moved Patrick out of the way instead of taking his anger out on him.

Interesting note: this episode leads directly into Food Con Castaways because everyone takes up knitting in the end, which is why Squidward is knitting in the next episode. "Bring back PStar7!" was kind of random. Now I'm wondering if there's supposed to be an episode leading up to this that explains Squidward's tattoo.


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It was funny and enjoyable, the story didn't make sense to me at times though.



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Please don't open spoiler tags if you haven't seen this episode.

I saw this episode online, and it was pretty average for me. I liked how this episode
was a jab taken at the YouTube comments section.
There were some funny visual gags as usual. I also loved
the return of Bubble Bass!
the twist ending where we find out that PStar7 was Patrick the whole time was predictable, as well as the fact that his comments were taken the wrong way.

There wasn't much to say about this episode. It was alright. 7.5/10


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I'll just say that it's pretty good for now, 8/10. Will review it later

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So I have some Things I love about this episode but also some that ok.

First I love the satirical take on Internet message boards and the Internet as a whole. It was fun. However the ending was kind of predictable.

Also was it it me or did Bubble Bass look different?


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BenPaz said:
Also was it it me or did Bubble Bass look different?
Well, of course he would look different in some ways! It's his Season 8 design.


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BenPaz said:
OH yeah forgot he was in S8. They should've used his old design.
Well, he would look dated among the updated designs of SpongeBob, Krabs, etc.