183a. Eek, an Urchin!

I enjoyed this one. Although not as funny as "Patrick-Man", IMO, it gave off a great bonding between two rather lucky characters, and the two abused characters. Surprising! :) But it focuses on a little Sea Urchin. :facepalm: Plot could have been better. I was worried when I saw Plankton. But it ended up that he was just bonding with the Krusty Krew. Of course, though, he had to have the urchin fall in love with him. :prop: Ah well, it was funny.

  • All of the characters seemed to "Bond." James Bond.
  • Krabs was OK in this episode. When he smashed Cashy, I was surprised. cared more about the urchin?
  • The sequence when Rob, Squid, and Geno were standing on the burning stove. :rofl:
  • No Krabs vs. Plankton, not really.

  • No Patrick
  • The plot was too small for my taste.
  • Too predictable at times. Like Plankton's "What could be worse?" bit. And I sort of saw the ending coming. =/
Despite it being too predictable at times, I wasn't expecting such a creative bonding between all of the characters! It was just funny, over all, though! 7.9/10 :)


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Not a bad episode... the cactus thing was so obvious right when Squidward showed it
The whole idea of Plankton wanting to help out seemed sort of cheesy.. but oh well. I liked the part with Plankton on the phone with Karen

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Really liked this episode.
- New title card music? Like. There were a couple of new background tracks as well (either new or I just haven't noticed them before) which I really liked. One of them was near the beginning and the other during the urchin stampede. I hope we hear them more frequently from now on because I liked them both.
- “THIS IS TERRIBLE. You should never put that much ketchup on a Krabby Patty.”
- Some great screams from Mr Krabs in this episode, particularly the one at the end and the one where he notices the urchin on his mallet.
- Farther. Farther. Farther! Walking all the way around the world reminds me of that scene in Truth or Square.


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Really good episode.

Da Good
- The plot never moved outside the Krusty Krab. I loved that.
-The sea urchin was a nice reference to older episodes.
-Mr. Krabs and Plankton teaming up for a change was a really good plot decision.
-The Urchin hitting on Plankton was hilarious.
-The personalities were spot on this episode. Krabs wasn't a jerk, Squidward wasn't either, Spongebob wasn't too annoying, and Plankton wasn't a desperate weirdo like he can be.
-Very creative plot, too.

Da Bad
- Not much. No Patrick, but that doesn't really detract any points, persay.

9/10, really great episode. I loved it. Almost like Season 2 quality, IMO.

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This was a great ep. Pretty funny. I loved the whole Plankton as a girl urchin thing. Although wasn't it strange how Krabs was willing to change the thermostat temperature so many times? :p Solid addition to the ninth season. 7.9/10

Has anyone noticed how the animation is becoming a lot more clear and crisp? It looks great.
This episode was honestly really great, and beat my standards. I'm glad this show is starting to become funny again, none of the characters annoyed me! :D



-Loved the skull!
-Oh my god! xD I'm dying, that opening was KILLER. Squidward's comment, SpongeBob freaking out and running everywhere, and then Squidward freaking out, and then Mr. Krabs screaming... that was awesome.
-lol. "Plankton? WOW, THAT'S ALL WE NEED."
-Loving the character interaction, the attention to detail (Squidward is still shivering in fear behind Mr. Krabs), and just how wonderfully this cast is fitting together. :3
-LOL. xD That was great how they referenced Mr. Krabs's shell, and then how he smashes the killer robot; BTW, I loved the killer robot. :3
-Wow, did not see the operation scene coming; VERY nice addition.
-lol "Planktonella."
-xD "What kind of urchin do you think I am?!" Finally, the return of innuendoes!
-Did not see the hundreds of urchins coming.
-Kelp Forest!
-Eh. Didn't like that ending.

Overall, that was a stellar episode, one that felt like Season 2 quality. :3 Absolutely loved it. However, it won't be an A+ just because that ending was rather cliche and didn't sum the episode up very well. So, a definite A for me!


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I really liked this one. This really shows that simplistic plots done right can make for a good episode. Tons of good jokes, everybody in character, and although it was somewhat predictable at points, and the ending wasn't anything to write home about, I still enjoyed it.

8|10 Overall


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Is it just me or was the audio quality for the character lines, especially Planktons lines which sound as if they were done through a cheap desktop mic, not particularly good. Maybe it's just VLC's tendency to bend the pitch. But definitely Planktons lines didn't sound very good quality.
BoysWhoCry said:
Eek! A terrible season nine. I bought this and I didn't even like this one.
you're making boys like me cry ;(

But jokes aside, this actually would be 4 on my list with a 9.6 if I included Seasons 7-9