166b. Bubble Troubles


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First Aired: Friday, November 25, 2011 at 8:15PM
SpongeBob and Patrick destroy Sandy's air supply and have to help her find more oxygen.

9/10. I loved how crazy Sandy was in the submarine and how she punched Patrick as soon as he gave her the air. It was also usual SpongeBob stupidity when SpongeBob went up to the surface using an oxygen tank. The ending though, like many other newer episodes, was lacking. Overall, best of the night. "You taste like glass!"


This episode was different. It was interesting but as stated before, it was kind of disturbing when Sandy went loopy. The CPR thing reminded me of the episode Naughty Nautical Neighbors when Patrick did CPR to Squidward as well and the title card reminded me of Prehibernation Week.


The scene with the bonsai is creepy.......................and I'm watching it right now...............................


I don't think this episode was creepy at all. I actually really like this one. I may have seen it so so so many times, but I'm pretty sure this episode will stay good no matter what.

I also hope they do more episodes like this in the future, just with bubbles. I find it interesting. :)


WORST. EPISODE. EVER. Title card is scary. Spongebob is an infuriating moron. A life and death situation? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...NO!!!! -

Grade - 1000000000000/10
I find this episode to be overrated. When the plot isn't being slow (first three minutes), it's fast and ends up feeling rushed. The humor mostly comes from Sandy dying. Seeing someone die isn't really funny, it's actually more disturbing than funny. SB and Patrick are even treated as plot devices and mess everything up.

The entire thing is also very forgetable.

Overall, I hate the plot, humor, and characterization.


EDIT: I'm rewatching this episode and I still stand by my statements. There are some minor plot holes and the randomness isn't used in moderation, making it unfunny and repetitive. And SB and Patrick are treated as plot devices by causing a problem and continuing to make it worse. It's not as infuriating as other episodes, but the entire thing feels very stupid (especially the plot), and not in the good way.

I like that hot air joke, though.


Mega-Plankton said:
WORST. EPISODE. EVER. Title card is scary. Spongebob is an infuriating moron. A life and death situation? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...NO!!!! -

Grade - 1000000000000/10
I Will Not Comment on Episode.But What's So Scary About Title Card.Are You Sure You're Not Talking About Title Card Of ''InSPONGEiac''

Anyway The Episode Was Really Weird.I Don't Like It Either.Bu Seriuosly Do Not You Overreacting a Bit?



So this episode, UGH, where to start?

From the beginning, with plenty of filler that could've been cut out. All SpongeBob and Patrick were doing was disintegrating thier eyes. They had to use the eyes. And Squidward. So they decide to destroy Sandy's air supply when she had little left. And then we see Sandy slowly going insane to oxygen deprivation. Funny? Absolutely not! At least SpongeBob tries to fix the problem, but it doesn't go well, and Sandy's even worse. Squirrels aren't supposed to be blue! And we realize he had an oxygen tank this whole time. Just frustrating. And Patrick just goes with it and does little to help. And at the end a bubble carries away the treedome, after ALL That? It's not funny to see Sandy in so much pain, and trouble, and itching, and fleas, and a rash...

Just joking. I don't reccomend this episode. It's one of Season 8's worst, even though not as bad as Demolition Doofus or Pet Sitter Pat.


The only reason it's not worse is that it's forgettable.