160a. Patrick's Staycation


Moby Dollar
Nov 13, 2009

Same deal as yesterday, premier times are at 5pm and 8pm.

Most Patrick episodes are pretty good so this one should be as well. :salute:
While this isn't my favorite of the vacation episodes I did really enjoy this. Thought it was very funny how Patrick was so exhaused from waking up, eating and watching TV every day. This had several hilarious moments such as Patrick having to be saved from drowing in his bathtub and SpongeBob having to rearrange the furniture in Patrick's room (stacking it all on top of each other) only to have to move it back just how it was originally. lol I give 8/10. I always love the Patrick episodes. :)
A lot of things in this brought back memories of Krusty Towers... not a bad episode. but not my favorite of the vacation episodes
Lots of reoccurring outfits from old episodes which was cool
Enjoyed it, sort of reminded me of I'm With Stupid, with Spongebob planning something, and Patrick forgetting the original purpose. AND MR. KRABS DOESN'T CHARGE SB IN THE END, A BREATH OF FRESH AIR!
9.5/10, Bonus points for featuring the production music song "Me For You".
Patrick's Staycation: I liked it. The first few times watching it, I thought it was rather boring but then I watched it again and I actually liked it. It was pretty funny and enjoyable. Good episode here.
Nothing really that special here. Pretty much along the lines of "Move it Or Lose It." It's not bad but not really that memorable and it kinda just felt like an underdone Krusty Towers to me so yeah it's a meh episode. Another one I might have to revisit in the future to see if my mind changes on it. 5/10
This episode gets so many bonus points for the APM cameo.
More APM cameos please. :3

Again, Patjerk episodes are absolutely terrible. It felt like a terrible cross between Krusty Towers and I'm With Stupid. Patrick was being insufferable in this episode. There was one funny joke, but it was brought down with Patrick acting like an ::dolphin noise::.
Season: 8

Episode: Patrick's Staycation

This episode was between bad and decent for me. Patrick was kinda out of character (being a bigger jerk than usual most of the time). The plot was mediocre. There were few funny jokes. 5.5/10
Le Review:

Well, it's kind of weak. Patrick was OOC and it feels like a rip off of Krusty Towers. There were a few decent jokes, but it was just dull.

Score: 4.5/10
Contrary to Mr. Enter/others, I liked this episode and I would want to watch it again. Patrick was pretty funny in this episode, for what it was and there were the usual decent Season 8 gags as well. There might be some lowpoints, such as Squidward, but I don't think they detract from anything too much. Also loved Mr. Krabs' part... :P

I'll never comprehend the hatred for this episode. Like some other season 8 episodes, like Bubble Troubles, this was just a random, not-often talked about episode. I thought Patrick was just being his lovable, lazy self here. I was also glad SpongeBob was taking care of Patrick no matter what. Also, Squidward wasn't "abused" (I'm getting a bit sick of that term) and, come on guys, the "Mr. Krabs is cheap" gag was only there for like a second! This is an underrated season 8 episode, and isn't as bad as most people say it is. It gets a 7.5/10 from me.
This is a hugely underrated episode. SpongeBob and Patrick were definitely in character. The things people complain about WERE funny.

Wow two extremely boring and dull episodes in a row, how about it? I'd say this one is slightly worse than A SquarePants Family Vacation but only slightly just because Patrick was a little bit of a jerk but he wasn't as bad as he is in The Googly Artiste but Patrick's not the really problem. I have two big problems with this episode, the first as I've already mentioned it's very boring and not a single funny joke and the second being, they took 2 amazing episodes (Krusty Towers and Can You Spare a Dime?) and made a very disappointing love-child out of it. I don't hate this episode as much as other people but I don't like it, just because it's stale and feels like a bit of a rip-off.