155b. Sentimental Sponge

Season: 8

Episode: Sentimental Sponge

This episode was bad. Spongebob was out of character, and his obnoxiousness was taken up to eleven. The cops were also annoying. I only liked the dress joke. 4/10
I think this episode is better now. It's funny, and I liked the execution, I guess.
I used to really hate this one. Before i started my bottom 50, i rewatched to see if it was really worthy of being being in my bottom 50. On my rewatch of i actually liked it. It was funny and was pretty relatable. Not fully relatable because spongebob went way too far. But a lot of my things have sentimental value, the nightshirt gag was hilarious aswell. The plot sucked, but the execution was good
This episode is just weird an stupid. 2/10
It wasn't that good (had many meh moments), but other than that, it is what it is. Some things were funny, but other than that, I can only really understand this episode when I'm sentimental.
The plot, the idea and the ending was abysmal, but there were a few funny moments.

Just boring with a terrible plot. It has some decent jokes but this episode stinks about as much as SpongeBob's house.

The Patrick hate is really getting on my nerves. :patboo: And I don't get why people blame him or call him a prick when he doesn't behave badly at all?!
You guys seem to forget that Spongebob has taken advice from Patrick before, like in Tea at the Treedome. Also, neither Spongebob or Patrick are exactly the sharpest tools in the box.

Anyways, this episode is alright. It did make me laugh a bit. Spongebob is silly, but not really that stupid or annoying. Patrick isn't bad either. Squidward is also relatively decent in this.

The nightgown gag, as well as the ending, are pretty funny parts. :sblaugh: The rest of the episode is pretty average.

I think this episode is a lot better than I thought. Don't get me wrong, it is nowhere my favorite at all. I quite like this episode. I actually didn't mind SpongeBob becoming a hoarder in this episode and we already know that he always liked to be clean. You can even see this in the beginning of the episode, The Battle of Bikini Bottom, The Krusty Plate and a few other episodes. This one is more unique, but Patrick is the one who gave SpongeBob advice, so I'm not really going to blame SpongeBob in this episode. Patrick isn't as bad as I thought and he had worse Season 8 appearances than this one. Squidward was actually good in this episode and the nightshirt gag made the episode even more entertaining. The police scene where he yelling at Squidward with his megaphone is probably one of the few good scenes involving the police in the series. It's a very underrated episodex but I get why people didn't like this one. It's a good episode, although the execution could've been a lot better.
Eh. I wasn't thrilled with this one. It has an alright plot, but the execution could have been a little better. I think that there were a funny moments, but there weren't enough.

Ranking so far:
1. The Hot Shot (A+)
2. Drive Thru (A)
3. A Friendly Game (B)
4. Sentimental Sponge (C)
5. Accidents Will Happen (C)
6. The Other Patty (D)
Okay i personally actually like this episode. Its pretty funny and the idea isnt all to good but that didnt stop from giving this episode a good rank.

Rating: Good Episode

The Hot Shot (Perfect)
A Friendly Game (Great)
Accidents Will Happen (Great)
Sentimental Sponge (Good)
Drive Thru (Alright)
The Other Patty (Meh)
Is this our first forgettable episode of season 8? I guess it depends on how much people remember the previous two episodes. But I never see this episode discussed basically ever, so that’s why I’m calling it forgettable. This has no bearing on how much I like this episode though, because I actually do like it.

This episode begins with the return of the French Narrator, who we haven’t seen narrating the beginning of an episode since “Rodeo Daze”, which was more recent than I thought because I literally don’t remember that LMAO. Anyway, this beginning portion of the episode is pretty enjoyable for me. We’ve got a Gary appearance, some satisfying cleaning animations, and a good start to our plot. Then things take a turn as Patrick convinces SpongeBob to not throw away his stuff because of sentimental value, which turns SpongeBob into a hoarder.

I do enjoy episodes where SpongeBob is being a little weirdo, so this episode definitely gets an advantage because of that. SpongeBob being a hoarder is both in and out of character for him, considering he does assign sentimental value to so many things, but also he’s lowkey a neat freak (at least at work). But anyway, it’s an interesting enough plot to base the episode around. It reminds me a lot of “The Gift of Gum”, especially considering Patrick’s role in this episode.

In terms of how this decently interesting plot plays out, the episode is alright. The pacing is good, for the most part. I think SpongeBob gets to critical levels of hoarding a bit too quickly, but I do like that there is build up here, especially in what SpongeBob chooses to hoard, as it gets weirder and weirder as these first few minutes of the episode go on. And then once SpongeBob starts leaving all of his stuff outside of his house, we then get Squidward being a little snitch, and this scene was pretty funny. This scene also allows for a bit of a shift in the plot that keeps things interesting, as SpongeBob starts hoarding photos rather than junk. I’m surprised Squidward even tries to comfort SpongeBob at all here, that’s that jerk with a nice streak I like to see!

There really isn’t too much for me to say about “Sentimental Sponge”. It’s a perfectly fine episode that exhibits SpongeBob being a little weirdo, which I love. It just felt kinda slow I guess, and it wasn’t particularly funny, aside from some good jokes here and there. Even though I dislike the basis of the night shirt joke, it was kinda funny, so I’ll give it that. And like I said, the sanitation police were hilarious. So there’s good here, but nothing particularly great.

Episode Tier: Good
Episode Score:
SpongeBob becomes a hoarder. There, you've watched the episode. Oh! You already forgot you did? Don't worry, I'll remind you! Wait, where did you go?

Good, but I don't know if I enjoyed it. I'm certainly gonna forget it again, though.
I think this episode is quite funny, and it's kind of relatable to me too. I get sentimental about things, and I tend to avoid getting rid of things. I guess I'm a little bit of a hoarder myself. Plus, the solution in the end of SpongeBob taking pictures of his items before throwing them away kinda feels like something I would have done in the past haha! Seeing SpongeBob take his hoarding and sentimental feelings so far is really amusing to me. The running gag about Squidward's night shirt being mistaken for a dress was also amusing. Plus, I find the fact there's a sanitation police hilarious! There's a lot of random, specific organizations like this throughout the series if I remember correctly. I find the episode entertaining and funny, and I can relate to it on a personal level too. A great episode to me!
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