155a. A Friendly Game

Found out there wasn't a topic for this either. :eyebrow:

One of my favorites from this season! :D Loved Rob & Patty's golfing outfits! :lol:

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Good episode. Nothing really happened, though, but it was still funny. The Squidward abuse in this episode was even funny. 6.8/10


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I love this episode. It had a creative premise. I like how it turned a simple game of mini golf funny! I LOL'd at many points, and the Squidward abuse, unlike in most post-movie episodes, was actually funny. Seriously, I think this could have been a pre-movie episode. 9/10

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Most of it felt fresh and classic. Add in Spongebob's old voice and it could go on as a Season 2/3 episode. I could've done without the lighting bolts peeling off Patrick's clothes though. o.O
I love this episode so much! :D I also like how its raining, so they play Mini-Golf in SpongeBob's House. I enjoy the scenes, and I didn't mind the Squidward Abuse. Definitely one of my favorite Season 8 Episodes.



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Ehhh... It was average to me. While there were a few redeemable qualities to this episode, I didn't like that Patrick was being a sore loser. It's just a game! And, honestly, I really didn't find the Squid Abuse to be at all funny. I mean, Spongebob and Patrick wouldn't stop the game for even a few minutes and since they "had" to keep playing, they ended up destroying Squidward's house and even caused it to collapse in the end! :no: Well, to each their own opinions, I suppose! :)

Rating: 5.5

Least Favorite Character: Patrick

Least favorite moment: Anytime SB or Patrick cause mass destruction to Squidward's house


Excellent episode!!! One of my favorites of all time for sure. Squid abuse was acceptably funny, the plot was very well done being the first to make a golf/mini golf episode GREAT. I loved everything about this episode no doubt about it. Each of their turns and them finding the ball was hilarious 10/10