152b. Perfect Chemistry

Mr. Sea Shell

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Review: This episode is very comical! Those fart jokes made me laugh so hard! And, Sandy performed an evil laugh for the first time!

Rating: 8.5/10


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I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE this episode. They should never show it again. They just get rid of it and burn all copies. I know it's harsh, but Sandy and science don't go together. And ANOTHER Plankton episode. Can we go without Plankton? God I'm mad xD 1/10

Oh and the fart jokes. That's the one thing SB didn't have and that made the show classy. But this episode ruined it.


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This episode is OK. A bit funny with the evil laugh and the fart jokes, but sort of annoying. 8/10

Dr. Peter Lankton

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This episode was defiantly one of the better episodes in season 7. I laughed so hard at Squidward getting freaked out by Spongebob's transported appearances. 9/10
Poor, poor Squidward. :hehe:
I thought this episode was a great season finale but It could have been much better. It was very enjoyable and there were some hilarious part in this episode like the part with the broccoli, SpongeBob as test monkey and Sandy's evil laugh at the end. The only flaws in this episode were the parts with fart noises. If there weren't fart jokes, I would give this episode 10/10. I gave this episode 8.5/10. I really liked it.


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Even after you watch a show for so long you sometimes forget that certain characters barley have long interactions with each other. Even though I really don't like that Sandy is a scientist for some reason after the movie I didn't mind this one. It had some laughs and a good plot my only problem was the fart jokes. One of the best I have seen of season 7, I'm a little over half way done with this season now. So far..... it's pretty dam bad.

Also I would love to hear a commentary on this episode.


420 Bl4ze it
Really cool episode was good gags and an interesting plot. Good season finale from a bad season. Lol.



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The best Season 7 episode by far, and, dare I say, one of the best post-movie episodes of SpongeBob SquarePants!

I can totally understand why this is Mr. Enter's favourite Modern SpongeBob episode barring 'Sand Castles In The Sand'.

Hope PIEGUYRULZ loves it!


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Fart jokes that made me laugh...
The highlights are Squidward's reactions. Mr. Krabs also has some great lines.
9/10 best season 7 episode