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152a. Big Sister Sam


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This takes the Patrick = dumb thing to a terrible extreme, making his sister essentially a Cro-Magnon caveman. I can't say why exactly, but this episode seems to be shorter than usual. Not much of a plot here. The only positive here is that the Big Sister Sam is so moronic that he (and I put in he by virtue of a typo but I might as well keep it there because they give her not one shred of femininity whatsoever) makes Patrick look his smartest in a goodish while.
To be honest, I liked this episode but It's not one of the best season 7 episodes. I thought there were some flaws in this episode. There was a Squidward abuse and there was a SpongeBob abuse in this episode, I didn't like Sam actually and Patrick was jerk to SpongeBob and Squidward but It was a funny episode. I don't recommend this episode actually because I know some people won't like it but I thought this episode was great. There were some hilarious parts in this episode like Sam destroying SpongeBob and Squidward's house, Squidward saying Sam is dumber, bigger and buffonier than Patrick, Sam taking Squidward's window and Squidward wanting to bulldoze Sam but Sam stopping the bulldozer. I can understand why some people didn't like this episode but I thought It was funny. 8/10


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Bad episode.

1: The entire plot is contradictory to a Season 2 episode, Something Smells, where Patrick says he doesn't have a sister. On top of it, they make "her" a brutish cavewoman.

2: Its Squidward Torture throughout the episode.



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This is like the episode "I'm With Idiot" from season 2, which I might add is my least favorite pre-movie Spongebob episode, but done 1,000 times worse. Patrick's stupidity is flanderized for laughs, resulting in him being extremely annoying and unlikeable, Spongebob and Squidward are tortured for absolutely no reason, and Patrick's sister is also really annoying and unlikeable. One of the worst episodes of season 7, in my opinion. 0.5/10.

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Boring and forgettable and I didn't like Patrick's characterization much either. I mean how could he be so blind to all that stuff his supposed sister was doing.



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This episode is a weird mixture of stupid, mean spirited and horribleness. I really do not like this episode. It has horrible Patrick but it's far from the worst because both Squidward and Spongebob are annoying. For once it's not only Squidward being annoyed which is in a lot of Squid torture episodes. 2/10


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This episode is lazy at best. As for the continuity contradiction, I don't care. I don't care much for Something Smells, and Patrick seems to not know whether he has a sister or not in that episode. So it doesn't even really contradict it.

I personally don't hate hate this episode like others do, and some parts did get a hearty laugh out of me.
But this episode is very mediocre and I hate Patrick in it.

This episode gets a 4.5/10.

EDIT: Watched the episode again and I found myself liking it a lot more the second time around. I'll up it to 5.7/10.


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I feel that this episode is underhated, and it deserves to be hated. Sam is an even more idiotic and annoying version of Patrick and she acts like a bully to SpongeBob and Squidward, thus making her very unlikeable. This is not fun to watch, it is painful to watch. Quite dull, annoying and really dumb. Patrick himself was at one of his worst, acting like a jerk, and he also acts VERY obnoxious. Wasn't he and Spongebob FRIENDS back then? There was maybe 1 funny joke, and Spongebob did not deserve Patrick and Sam's actions. I can't really think of a saving grace for this episode.

Score: 0.5/10.

Edit: I wanted to add more detail


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This episode... is just so bad. Sam is SO unlikable, ESPECIALLY after Sam smashes Squidward's and Spongebob's houses. Especially because Spongebob and Squidward did nothing wrong. If Squidward was THAT big of a jerk, then he would deserve punishment. Not THAT dramatic, but punishment nonetheless. Spongebob was being CIVIL with Patrick and Sam. Yet, his house was smashed. No comedy in this episode either. I can't WAIT for Pieguyrulz to review season 7 and tell his thoughts on the episode.



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Season: 7

Episode: Big Sister Sam

This episode was horrendous. The plot was really bland. Patrick's sister was so jerkish, dumb and annoying towards Spongebob and Squidward. Patrick wasn't a big help, because he acted jerkish. There was one or two funny jokes. 2.5/10