136a. A Day Without Tears


Moby Dollar
Jul 26, 2010
This is just a bland and annoying episode. It starts off with SpongeBob crying over stuff like stubbing his toe, his favorite shirt being wrecked and crying over a sad song. I can forgive the crying over a stubbed toe bit because of No Weenies Allowed, but the other stuff makes SpongeBob look like a wimp. He even cries when Squidward yells at him which makes no sense because he has yelled at SpongeBob so many times and he doesn't cry over it. When Squidward bets that SpongeBob can't go the rest of the day without crying we get a bunch of "jokes" that don't even qualify as jokes. Actually this whole episode is almost completely devoid of anything funny. The only funny joke was the chalkboard bit and that was chuckle-worthy at best. When the bet is over then it feels like the writers are trying to be funny, but it still doesn't work. SpongeBob flooding the city with his tears makes no sense because they live underwater and what's worse is that they try to shoehorn in gags like Patrick watching nothing on TV, Mr. Krabs talking to his money and the Bikini Bottom Men's Choir boat floating on SpongeBob's tears. Then the episode ends with Squidward crying which was the most obvious way they could've ended the episode. Overall this is a terrible episode and it doesn't feel like the writers actually put any effort into it and I felt like I put more time into writing this that I should've. 1/10

Popeyes Haunted Barnacles

Sir Tweets and Eats a Lot
Dec 25, 2013
Stupidtown, Wumbo
Yeah this episode is just poor, boring, poor, and did I say boring and stupid. Yup. I went into detail about this one in my review of it in the Top 30 Worst SpongeBob Episodes Ever list.
Jul 2, 2014
The Middle of Nowhere
God, I hated A Day Without Tears!

Spongebob was crying throughout the whole episode and it is annoying! I mean, he is crying over every little thing, even he cries over a soiled krabby patty which is ::dolphin noise::ing retarded because he is stupid. Can't you just get another ::dolphin noise::ing patty you big dumb annoying fat crybaby! There was one deleted scene when Squidward was yelling at Spongebob about not crying over a soiled krabby patty, but he cries some more. This scene was removed due to Spongebob getting insulted.

The plot is also too sappy! Squidward is actually trying to make Spongebob cry so he has to do whatever Squidward tells him to! But then, Spongebob won the bet, and then Squidward starts crying. He got tortured again by the annoying yellow idiot! God, I almost shed some tears!

Overall, this episode is too sappy and annoying! I mean, Spongebob also cried a lot in Spongebob You're Fired!, but he was crying for a reason. He got fired and he loves his job so much! In this one, he cries over a lot of things, even things that are not even a big deal!

Old Spongebob cries as well, but cries for reasons he has to cry about. New Spongebob cries at every little thing. These new writers have to leave the Nickelodeon Studio for good!

Well, that's it for my review!


420 Bl4ze it
Feb 23, 2014
Crying.....that's all this episode is about...just crying. I consider this one of the so bad it's good episodes. 1/10


Moby Dollar
Aug 8, 2013
Season: 7

Episode: A Day Without Tears

This episode was terrible. The plot was really bland. Spongebob cried too much in this episode, and it was annoying. I only liked one or two jokes. 3/10
May 22, 2015
i wish the episode lived up to the title

i kind of liked "coming up, an interview with a manatee, who didn't get what he wanted for his birthday" but that's probably mainly because of MoBrosStudios, i still remember him replacing the news on the tv and saying "and in truly sad news, the new writers of SpongeBob believe this was a good premise for an episode"

Honest Slug

Ink Lemonade hurts me.
Nov 21, 2015
The first half was really annoying.

The second half was boring and dull.

Yeah if you're going to rip-off "Funny Pants" at least try to improve it instead of making a more annoying and boring version with less jokes.



Facing the BSOD
Jun 26, 2015
In a vat full of eggplants
Well, if you wanted an episode dedicated to SpongeBob crying, here it is. I mean, seriously. The plot is really unoriginal and the execution was poorly done. First of all, the first half is this episode consists of crying, crying, and even :moar: crying. I really hate SpongeBob's crying voice since it gets on my nerves almost immediately. Yeah, when half of the episode consists of mainly crying, then there is a recipe for disaster. While the second half wasn't that horrible/painful, it was just so boring and nearly put me to sleep. The sunset was actually very pretty with the warm colors and such, but the second half really lacked in the joke department. If it episode doesn't make me laugh at all, then chances are, I'm not going to like it that much. Well, the sad story joke was alright and it gave me a chuckle, but that was the only truly funny joke in the entire episode. I don't know what else to say, it just has a sheer lack of quality. I give it a 1.5/10


insert title here
May 28, 2007
The good:
Ooh, pretty sunset backgrounds! So...pretty...I could cry...
The Thousands of Tears Later time card made me laugh.
Spongebob's crying wasn't as obnoxious as I thought it would be and I thought it was a good idea from the writers to make fun of the yellow guy for doing it. Honestly, the crying in All That Glitters and laughing in Funny Pants were worse...I mean, here he was just holding it in most of the time.

A little extra thing I liked: Squidward's 43 chalkboard. The same thing happened in Big Bang Theory once and everyone was trying to figure out what "43" meant. So that made me laugh, though I doubt it was a reference to anything.

The bad:
Even Spongebob seemed a little too sensitive here. Even if that's the point of the episode, he should have at least slightly more justified.
It wasn't funny. While there was nothing especially offensive about this episode, it just wasn't terribly interesting either.
As CakeCup said already, very unoriginal and predictable. I could see where it was going from the first three minutes.

Final score= 5/10. Once again, not a great episode, but I don't dislike it for quite the same reasons others do.


Dead Inspector
Nov 2, 2013
I don't like this episode. The execution was extremely poor in this episode and seeing SpongeBob constantly crying here was just obnoxious.., I guess? Yes, it's not All That Glitters level, because that episode was worse than this one for many other reasons. In Funny Pants, it was a little different. I didn't get bothered that much by that one. This episode is just poorly done and really tiresome to look at. Even the bet is just a bleh one. I get why Squidward wanted SpongeBob to lose the bet, but at the same, he sorta deserved to lose. The ending isn't as bad as many people think. They made a bet and accepted it. It kinda looks a Season 7 episode, because I can easily see it by its quality and animation. Although not the worst Season 7 episode, it's just really terrible to look at and it's just lazily written. There are a lot worse than this one though. It had some good parts, but the overall quality of the episode is just not good. It's extremely weak. =/


Balloon Traveler
Oct 25, 2017
Episode: A Day without Tears (S7-E136-A)

DEAR LORD!!! Another SpongeBob ::dolphin noise:: cryfest!!! This episode is even worst than All that Glitters. Avoid this episode at all costs.

Final Score = 1/10
Nov 10, 2017
United States
So this episode is actually a guilty pleasure of mine. I don't mind it. Sure, it's like Funny Pants, but it's better because SpongeBob's crying doesn't have an annoying squeak added. Plus, Squidward's the main antagonist here, so it's not a Squid torture episode.

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Moby Dollar
Jun 22, 2019
The crying is only in the first 2 minutes of this episode, and the rest of this is actually okay. It's kind of repetitive, but SpongeBob preventing himself from crying was pretty amusing, and there were some other amusing sequences like SpongeBob's call with Patrick. Not that great, but not bad.

Eh Episode (6/10)