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A great Squidward episode. He gets his own TV show but turns into chaos at the end. The funniest part was when Patrick showed the inside of his mouth on the TV and it looks real! So gross, but hilarious!!!

What do you think about this episode?


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haha I love that part "this is disgusting". I really like this episode, it's pretty good for a post movie ep. I love how squidward is trying to be all serious and sophisticated and patrick can't keep the camera still and spongebob keeps dropping the mircophone :p


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Poor Squidward, he just wants to do a TV show with no interruptions! Too bad everyone keeps bothering him. =P


Funny episode, :p it's one of those episodes that has Squidward abuse but does it in a good way. :D

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This episode is from Season 7, just saying.

It's not that bad. It's kind of funny when all of a sudden everyone in Bikini Bottom is on Squidward's TV show and he gets upset. :squidx:


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I feel really ambivalent toward this episode. I don't like the mean-spiritedness (particularly at the end) and the characters were all annoyingly stupid and oblivious, but I did find myself laughing a lot, so I don't know how to feel about this one. Let's just call it average.
Some people will disagree with me but I thought It was great. The only problem in this episode is Squid abuse. I don't rate this episode 10/10 because I really felt bad for Squidward in this episode. I thought this episode was very funny and I liked the idea of Squidward getting a TV show. Every part in this episode made me laugh. SpongeBob saying Patrick is on TV, then Patrick is going to his house, then turning on the TV and not seeing himself, then he is going back to Squidward's house and then saying " I'm not on TV! SpongeBob! I went home and turned on my TV, but wasn't on the TV. Why did you lie to me SpongeBob? Why?" was very funny. Patrick being the cameraman was very funny. Mr. Krabs using Squidward's Show as free advertisement was hilarious. Sandy dancing and Pearl's cheer routine were very hilarious. I thought the ending wasn't good because I really felt bad for Squidward. I rate this episode 9.5/10. It's a great start to season 7.