126. The Clash of Triton


Giant Clam
May 7, 2008

Wow, I just watched this episode for the first time... Didn't even know it existed. I don't remember ever seeing previews for it... OK, here's my opinions:

The return of John O'Hurley's Neptune (though I enjoyed it) made Jeffrey Tambor's movie version of Neptune even more confusing... Don't even get me started on the fact that Neptune is supposed to live in Atlantis, yep when the gang went to Atlantis, it looked completely different, and he wasn't there...

But as far as the actual episode goes, I thought it was OK. I didn't really like the ending, until I remembered that Neptune was a jerk in "Neptune's Spatula" as well... So I guess it made sense. All the characters were as they should be... I'll be generous and give it a 6/10...
Quite good. :) Ending felt a bit rushed, while part 1 seemed to go a bit slow. I'll give it 7.5/10
I didn't like this special that much, as the plot wasn't too amusing. x.x It was kinda interesting to see King Neptune's son though. I'd give the same rating as Patrick11. x] So yeah, it wasn't the best. :P
I saw it last year, and despite its name, it wasn't very special. :( 5/10
I actually didn't really like Triton and the new Neptune, etc. It felt too different.
Just a average special.


I mean they could made it better...
It's rather bland, especially for a special. I agree with DirtyDan on this one. 6/10.
Interesting note is that it's airing while I post this. :P
I think that there are multiple Neptunes, considering the 14th is mentioned in "Krusty Towers".
This episode is incredibly bland and boring. And as a mythology geek, it bothers me to no end that Neptune is named for his Roman counterpart while Amphitrite is named for her Greek counterpart.
Probably the worst special in terms of blandness besides "The Great Patty Caper".
Casey Alexander, Zeus Cervas, Aaron Springer, Steven Banks, Paul Tibbitt
IT TOOK 5 WRITERS?!?!!?!?! anyways the commercials lied it said there was an "epic battle" well,THEY GAVE US 5 AWFUL WRITERS TO COME UP WITH GARBAGE