110b. Grooming Gary


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May 26, 2009

I like grooming gary. But the most hated part is gary got a arm and Patrick turn into a dog.
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Nobody commented on this episode yet? :confused:
Anyways it's basically just 11 minutes of Gary abuse. Some parts were funny, like all of Patrick's parts, and the pets' rebellion. But this episode was mostly just an abuse-filled ripoff of The Great Snail Race. 3.5/10
The great snail race:7/10
This episode was stupid. It was just a bunch of Gary abuse here and there. SpongeBob was kind of oblivious and idiotic. And, in my opinion, the Pet Riot was painful to watch. I kind of liked the ending, but that doesn't make up for this terrible episode. 3/10
SO MUCH HATE 2.998989897899789989898989/10
I'm mixed. The ending sucked but dog Patriclk ruled. The rest of the episode was boring except for the floatng guy in the umbrella. I wish there was competitive Squidward in this though.
Holding Gary against will is low but I lived the pet riot!
This is basically The Great Snail Race all over again. It has the same moral and a similar plot, but with less humor and charm. It's not bad, it just feels pointless to me because I could be watching The Great Snail Race (a much better episode) instead.
This is my Mom's favorite episode. I don't think it's great, but it's very underrated. 6.5/10.
It was okay. It came off to be odd and just a little boring to me
I hate this episode. I'm okay with Gary Abuse, but when it get out of hand, I hate it.
I thought The Great Snail Race was a generally weak episode, this one isn't as bad as that but I still don't mind much to love here. 5/10
Season: 6

Episode: Grooming Gary

This episode was between bad and decent for me. The plot was kinda decent. I didn't like the Gary abuse, but the ending sorta made it well. There were few funny jokes. 5.5/10
Pretty underhated if you ask me.