10a. Culture Shock

I adore this episode. It's one of the best season 1 episodes, as well as one of my favorite episodes. Honestly, I didn't mind Squid abuse in this episode much. He was selfish and mean to SpongeBob in this episode, he got what he deserved. This episode has so many funny parts like SpongeBob cleaning the table, SpongeBob saying "Aye aye sir! Welcome aboard, sir! Here at Krusty Krab, you are the captain and I'm your cabin boy. You just say the word and I will throw myself in the brin! May I take your order?", Mr. Krabs jumping on the penny, Patrick laughing at whatever Squidward says, Pearl's cameo (this is the Pearl's best moment ever), Plankton's cameo, Gary's cameo, Squidward dancing, people buying tomatoes from Mr. Krabs and throwing tomatoes at Squidward, SpongeBob moping the floor, Squidward doing the same thing later and then someone throwing a tomato at Squidward. Overall, a perfect season 1 episode. 10/10
I love Culture Shock. It is pretty funny, and the Squid Abuse is funny just like in Jellyfishing. But it's a shame that this is going to be ripped off by The Plays The Thing in the future.
I Hate This One Its Almost Horrible As The Play's The Thing

4,5/10 (For Plankton's Cameo)
President Squidward said:
And the problem is that its the UNFUNNY Squidward Abuse.
I know its weird to quote a post from a year ago, but I wanted to point this out. The reason I found the Squidward abuse funny is because he deserved it. The whole episode I was rooting for Spongebob, but I kept getting mad at Squidward for turning down Spongebob's ideas. At the end, I was happy for Spongebob because he ended up being the star, and Squidward got what he deserved. In the newer episodes, Squidward is minding his own business, and SB&P start torturing him.

The episode was hilarious: 10/10
It was good at first, but then it fell downhill. I can understand the Bottomites not liking Squidward (what the heck was it) yet they pay instead of get free, like spongebob mopping, yet not Squidward. It'd be funny if SpongeBob's body was used as the mop though. 7/10
Season: 1

Episode: Culture Shock

This episode was pretty good. The plot was interesting. The Squid Abuse was deserved, because Squidward was kinda mean to Spongebob. The fact that Squidward's dance appeared in the credits of Sponge Out of Water was amazing. There were many funny jokes. 7.5/10
Pretty good, and I also don't think the Squidward abuse was that bad here. 9/10.
Why does this have an 8.3? This episode's great!

An extremely funny episode so satisfying to see everyone hate Squidward especially after all, he was a jerk to SpongeBob, also tons of other good jokes as well, have to love this one.

One of my all-time favourites, I LOVE this episode...it always standed good for me...I always loved the whole idea, Squidward running a show....Patrick stopping Squidward just to laugh made me laugh as well, everything was so funny about this episode...poor Squiddy at the end...but well, if you compare s6 and s7 torture to this, this is nothing, so 10/10
Culture Shock: A
This was great.It was awesome. I loved it, and it was funny. I really liked it, and it was funny. I liked the Talent Show. It was cool and great.
I love this one, it's one of S1 most funniest episodes

Grade: A+

Best Character: All of Them

Best Line: He has such a way with words

Best Moment: Squidward dancing
Not as good as everyone says and not the most memorable episode but it still delivers for the most part.

Hey hey first GOLDEN episode not much to say though 11/10