098. What Ever Happened to SpongeBob?

This episode was ok.... let me take that back it was bad with all of his friends calling him an idiot but it all got worse when he got amnesia and it got EVEN more worse when they showed that horrifying picture that we all love. -.-

The beginning was normal until spongebob acts stupid (like usual)

Spongebob ran away for the most stupid reason -.-

They couldn't last one episode without gross out humor/close ups

Thats all I got. I thought this was pretty bad
One of the few SpongeBob episode that is NOT worth seeing again. Main reasons are the beginning of the episode with everyone calling SpongeBob idiot boy, Squidward throughout the episode (this and the Splinter are at his worst) because SpongeBob is gone (I'm tired of Squidward being happy whenever SpongeBob isn't around), the part where SpongeBob asked the fish and booger came out (ugh), and the very ending (need to explain it again?). This episode only has little great parts like some of Patrick's parts (thinking he found SpongeBob on a newspaper, Spring Break Buddies tattoo), Squidward tripping on a grease, which made SpongeBob back to normal, and the bubble boys appearing. Overall score 3/10 (worst special ever)
I saw it when it premiered, then never felt the need to watch it again. I don't like it at all. I don't even remember much about it, because the plot is just so forgettable. You do end up feeling bad for Spongebob, although, in all fairness, what he ends up doing in later episodes kind of earns him this treatment.

2|10 Overall
I remember the premiere it was really unique especially the theme dong it was a great special!
I can't stand the way everyone treated SpongeBob. I even found Squidward to be pathetic. This epsiode truly sucks, there was NO chuckles. One of the worst for sure!

however I do like the title card though but that has nothing to do w/episode really :P
I hate this episode. The plot rips off Pickles and the jokes were the weakest of the weak.
Milkmaidman said:
I hate this episode. The plot rips off Pickles and the jokes were the weakest of the weak.
I've been thinking, and this episode has gotten a little better since then IMO.
Never in my life have I seen such an awful SpongeBob episode! I'm so angry at this episode, I feel like saying a ton of swear words right now. I don't know where to begin. To make a long story short, this episode doesn't deserve any like, has mean-spirited characters, an uninteresting story, and is a huge disappointment. I never want to see this untolerable, inexcusable, horrid hunk of crap, again. -9999999/10
Best episode in the world. I'm joking.

I mean...


I hate this episode a lot. A LOT. This episode was mean, stupid, idiotic, mediocre, mean-spirited, awful, horrendous, un-tolerable, bad, horrible, terrible, disappointed and everyone was out-of-character. Seriously, I hate how Patrick, Sandy, Squidward, Mr. Krabs and Gary were mean towards SpongeBob and called him "Idiot Boy". I feel bad for SpongeBob A LOT. Squidward was happy, just because SpongeBob left Bikini Bottom and when Patrick, Sandy, and Mr. Krabs read SpongeBob's letter, they felt bad for him how they called him "Idiot Boy". This is kind of confusing. Also, I definitely hate all those people who live in New Kelp City. They think blowing bubbles is a "harm activity". Why this episode should exist? This episode sucked and was a huge disappointment. One of the worst episodes in the entire series. I wonder what would Plankton do if he appeared in this episode.

Favorite Character: The most obvious character, SpongeBob SquarePants.
Worst Character: Everyone. Just everyone who appeared in this episode.
Favorite Moment: Certainly none of them. The ending was probably OK, but I find weird how Squidward threw his brain in the basket. We know that he dislikes SpongeBob.
Worst Moment: Everything.

Rating: 1/10.
This episode was very mediocre. While it had some funny parts, the episode was pretty mean-spirited. They also wasted Ray Liotta's cameo which is a huge shame because he is a great actor. I don't know if it's just me, but I think the bubble blowing parts of this episode might be some kind of drug reference. (Example: After SpongeBob blows bubbles at his job interview, the woman interviewing him kicks SpongeBob out and says We run a respectable business here!" 5/10

EDIT: People seem to hate Squidward in this episode, but I thought he provided the comic relief like during that one part where the episode got really sappy.
one day i was trying to find this episode on youtube and i did but it was in speedy for and could not understand a word what they were saying i hate it when i want to watch a certain episode and it's allmessed by somebody making it speedy or something like that and the reason i wanted to watch it is because i missed that episode but it finally came on tv and it was a great episode.

WARNING: The following post will contain spoilers.

Before I start, I just need to say that this episode is bad but better than I remembered.

Okay, I will just start this review and get on with it. It starts with SpongeBob waking up and saying hello to his mailman and the mailman gets run over. SpongeBob goes on with his day and hugs Gary. He cracks Gary's shell and his disgusting flesh is exposed. You know? For kids!
Gary beats up SpongeBob...how does he do it? He doesn't have claws. He's not a cat, though I'm just nit-picking. SpongeBob runs out yelling "I'M SORRY!", dude, you broke your snails shell. Don't you care about his health now? He might die eventually due to that.

SpongeBob runs into Patrick and he ruins a cake he was going to give to his mom (that he spent all day baking). Patrick then calls SpongeBob an 'idiot-boy'. Idiot-boy? Really? Anyways, can you remember that name for me? SpongeBob says that's the very first time someone called him that. Again, remember those lines.

He then goes to bother Squidward. Then, this happens. "Don't you ever wake me from my sleep! Idiot-boy." Idiot-boy? Again? Did Patrick set Squidward to gang up on SpongeBob with him? If not, how does Squidward know what Patrick called SpongeBob just seconds ago? SpongeBob even just said that it was the first time he was given that name. You see where I'm getting at, right?

It cuts to Sandy making a robot that is her 'newest invention yet'. A fanning robot. You spent your time doing that? I could make a time-machine out of Lego blocks in 2 minutes. SpongeBob runs to Sandy but trips over a log and the water from his dome splashes on the robot. The useless piece of junk explodes and the chunks fly everywhere. Sandy understandably gets mad and kicks SpongeBob out. And she again calls him 'idiot-boy'. Alright, either Sandy has a mind reading machine or Patrick talked her into this. Patrick's favorite dish is revenge served cold.

Though, accident or not, I would still get mad.

SpongeBob arrives at work like he was supposed to and goes into the kitchen. SpongeBob walks into two buckets and slips on water. Mr. Krabs is playing 'House' with his two dollar bills. SpongeBob is over-dramatically screaming like an idiot. Mr. Krabs hears the noise and busts into the kitchen yelling at SpongeBob. Mr. Krabs is still at the door and SpongeBob some how manages to hit Mr. Krabs so hard that he flies into the fry grease. How? I have no idea. He flies back out. Again, I have no idea.
SpongeBob goes to comfort him, Mr. Krabs says he's fine....as long as his money's okay. His talking money is in the deep fryer and they fry up and explode. Now THAT'S Mr. Krabs fault. If he minded his own business and didn't barge in with his money, that wouldn't have happened.
And Mr. Krabs gets angry at SpongeBob for a problem he caused himself. He kicks SpongeBob out and calls him an idiot-boy. Patrick REALLY hates SpongeBob now. They must've had a meeting to call SpongeBob idiot-boy and make him leave for good.

SpongeBob cries and goes back home. Oh, that's what would've happened if this made sense. His friends don't want anything to do with him. I would just stay home and leave them alone but...SpongeBob packs up to leave Bikini Bottom.
You have one bad day and you leave your home town. Yeah, SpongeBob really is an idiot-boy. Then again, that's how they always treat him in the actual series.

This is the end of my review for now, I'll continue it next time. Until then, this is SpongeCob, signing out.