097b. The Battle of Bikini Bottom


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First of all, the plot to this episode was really weak. The clean versus the dirty? That is a pretty stupid plot, but not the stupid plot that could actually work. Second of all, the whole idea with Patrick having bad hygiene has already been proven to be incorrect, considering Patrick was washing his hands in season 2's "Something Smells". Overall, this was a really weak episode.

1|10 Overall


This episode went out of it's way to be disgusting. Aside from that, it's pretty weak and stupid. I've seen it once, and never again.


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It was a pretty good episode it had lots of humor and having SB and Patrick fight is really good touch ( especially if it is a dumb one) 8/10


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Disgusting episode is disgusting. Really, this episode goes out of its way to be gross, and you can't even call it gross-out humor because they don't bother writing a joke around it, its just gross for the sake of being gross. -_- I like the idea of the characters taking part in a reenactment of a battle, but this was just stupid.

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I honestly like this episode. I like the idea of SpongeBob and Patrick clashing over cleanliness and filth. The digging for gold joke was funny and I liked the part when SpongeBob got so mad that his face turned red. It reminds me of Benson from Regular Show, even though this episode premiered before that show existed.


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This episode sucked a lot. The plot was just dumb. Patrick was a complete jerk. SpongeBob is the only character I liked. Every person must be clean. I agree with him. However, I hate those guys who liked clean and also those who liked dirty.

Favorite Character: SpongeBob
Worst Character: Patrick
Favorite Moment: SpongeBob eating soap.
Worst Moment: The entire battle.
Rating: 3/10.

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I'm kinda conflicted about this episode. On one hand, I like the idea of the episode, there were a couple of funny moments, and some of the drawings were pretty good but on the other hand, I think they used too many gross out shots and Patrick and SpongeBob should have been characterized better so that's kinda what stops me from liking this one a lot more. All I can say is that it didn't bore me like "Fungus Among Us" did so maybe a 5.5 or 6 for this one. I will have to maybe watch this one again in the future so I can really have a definitive opinion on it but it's debatable at the moment. I hadn't seen this episode or heard of it until now.


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I don't like this episode one bit. The plot was very stupid. I mean, SpongeBob and Patrick fighting over being clean/dirty? Where's the creativity in that? This episode was upright gross, and Patrick was out of character! Patrick being stupid is one thing, but was it necessary to make him a disgusting brute? The worst moment in this episode is when Patrick picked his nose. That wasn't funny at all. This is anything but a battle over one of the stupidest things ever. This is why I consider season 5 to be the start of the bad SpongeBob gross-out episodes. Don't watch this episode. 1.5/10


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Pretty bad episode. There is some obvious gross out here which is VERY unpleasant to look at, and Spongebob and Patrick fighting over dirtyness and cleanliness is kind of interesting and stupid at the same time. and the moral of the episode is kind of stupid. There's jokes that don't work here and it all adds up to an unpleasant watching experience. 3.5/10


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Season: 5

Episode: The Battle of Bikini Bottom

This episode was very decent. The plot was decent. The gross-out jokes here were creative in my honest opinion. There were some funny jokes. 6.5/10