088b. SpongeBob vs. the Patty Gadget

It was a short, so I'll rank it /5. It was decent, wasn't funny, but hey, it was just a short. I'd give it a 2.5/5.
I'm gonna be generous this time. It's an okay episode, but it would've been, like, more better if it was longer.
It wasn't funny, but I love the poetry style, and Patchy's narration! :thumbsup: 7.1/10
Pretty good nice plot and dialogue its funny ho this I think is the only one that rhymes! 8/10
underrated. I liked the creative use of words and the plot. it was not amazing, but it was good enough :)
It wasn't the funniest episode, but it was still pretty good. I like how it rhymed.
I liked this short. I liked that it was done completely in rhyme, it made it feel a little like a Dr. Seuss story and it made me feel weirdly nostalgic. It's also one of very few times where fourth-wall breakers don't bother me.

This and Reef Blower are what I think shorts should be like. Just cute little ideas that you couldn't make a full episode out of and that have a spin put on them (no dialogue in Reef Blower, rhyming in this one).
I'm glad they decided to make this a short. There wasn't much humour (except maybe for Squidward's acne), but everyone was in character, the plot was decent, and I thought the rhymes were clever and for the most part not very forced. I think Patchy worked better for this kind of thing than the French narrator, who'd probably inject some snark in there. Sounds like it could be a storybook. I'll give it a 7.5/10 as a solid short that had one concept and executed it well.
Good short. I like that it was all in rhyme, reminds me of Doctor Seuss.

A memorable episode is Band Geeks. A forgettable episode is this.
Now, this is an example of a good short. Probably my favorite season 5 short (especially with ones like "Waiting").

I really enjoyed this one. Brief, yes, but pretty funny and I liked Tom Kenny's Dr. Seuss like narration. Out of all the SpongeBob shorts made in this season, for me, this would have to be the best one.
Season: 5

Episode: Spongebob vs. the Patty Gadget

This short was good. The plot was decent. The rhymes were clever. There were few funny jokes. 8.5/10
Another recommendable Season 5 short. I liked the well-paced and clever storyline, could have done an actual appearance of Patchy and added a few jokes in. 8.5/10