084b. Boat Smarts



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How is quidward the antagonist? He is doing the right thing! and how is spongebob the protagonist? He's doing the wrong thing 2/10


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Season: 5

Episode: Boat Smart

This short was terrible. Squidward got tortured for doing it right? I only liked one joke "the dummy crash scene." 3/10

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I'm surprised this one doesn't receive more hate. Squidward is punished for following road rules, and SpongeBob is more ignorant of driving than usual and is not punished. How does that work?!

3/10 I would probably have given it a lower score had it not had the decency to be a four minute episode.


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I'm surprised that this doesn't have a higher score here. I found it very funny. The highlight was the scene with the crash dummy.


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This episode is bad. For one reason: The characters are written wrong. There are jokes (crash dummy Squidward; pretty much goes without saying at this point), but most of them fall flat due to incorrect characterization. Squidward needs to be the arrogant one who doesn't follow the rules (but it still needs to show that he has proven his boat smarts to begin with), and SpongeBob has to be the one to learn from the mistakes. If it was written this way, all of the jokes would work (it might even be one of the best episodes of season 5, had it been written this way). Stuff like "Looks like you guys forgot your boat smarts" would come off as rewarding rather than insulting.

As it currently stands, it's just lame. 4/10

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This episode, I'll say was OK. Not as awesome as others see, but has some great points, jokes, and gags scattered around to balance everything. I enjoyed Squidward being a crash test dummy,SpongeBob doing funny things while driving, and maybe one or two other things. What really made this episode not that good was Squidward and Mrs. Puff being unjustified, but what do you know? At least it's far better than anything else like that. 7/10

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No idea what to think of this one. I don't mind the Squid abuse too much since it's a scripted training video, and it's short so the torture is tame, some parts are funny too. If SpongeBob wasn't so stupid this could've worked.



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I liked that they paired Mrs.Puff and Squidward together...so the squid abuse didn't really bother me...Squidward being a nice, safety-full driver! As I always thought of him...8/10


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This is honestly a good episode! The humor here is really funny, and I don't mind the squid abuse since this is a simulated video and doesn't actually affect squid.



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This episode was hilarious and executed its humor very nicely! Boat Smarts is really funny altogether. Also the film filter gives this a way more comical feel. 8.5/10

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Ignore my old review. This ep was actually pretty funny.

A. While a lot of it is about Squidward getting hurt, the gags are actually pretty varied and clever.
B. The episode is in a video format, so it's not like it's a story where Squidward fails to achieve his dreams, it's just a collection of gags.
C. This episode is clearly a joke, so I think people complaining about bad morals is rather petty.

This one actually holds up pretty well.




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This is a decent episode. It's showing you the rules of the road in a comedically entertaining way. There's also some funny jokes. The only thing holding this episode back is Squid torture. It gets a B

Highlight: Crash Dummy Squidward

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I didn’t like this episode at first but after a rewatch, I liked it. Pretty overhated episode.