05b. Home Sweet Pineapple

Season: 1

Episode: Home Sweet Pineapple

This episode was pretty good. It was funny and sad (almost like Dying for Pie). There were some funny jokes. 8/10
Very underrated episode considering its sister episode is HIGHLY overrated. I don't have much to say other than the fact that I enjoyed watching this episode. There's some solid gags like the gag where Patrick was like "SPIDERS SPIDERS SPIDERS SPIDERS!!!!"

Episode Ranking: Good
Another classic episode. Patrick is hilarious in this. 9.5/10.
Not that special but still a very fun episode and fairly heart-warming.

A really good episode but I remember being like 9 and crying at times because SpongeBob didn't have a house :xP: I like it though , I will give it an 8/10
Underknown (probably because of the popularity of its sister episode) but not that outstanding- a "good" S1 episode.
Very fun episode with some funny moments

Grade: A+

Best Character: All of Them

Best Line: SPIDERS!!!

Best Moment: SpongeBob and Patrick making a pineapple

This is a really great episode with many funny jokes and a very sweet and heartfelt ending. One of the best from season 1.

Spiders joke was hilarious! Funny montage when re-building SpongeBob's pineapple. Touching ending. 9.5/10
Oh cool um good episode? I love the spider joke and squid getting crushed by spongebobs house.
Also I don't forget "Is it time to ruin squid day don't start without me!" -Patrick. I'll give it a 9/10
Here's an episode that was "so good", it was made again in a later season! But in all seriousness, this episode revolves around SpongeBob's house getting drunk by nematodes and having to find another way to live his life or he'll have to move back in with his parents. But his house eventually grows back, and everything's back to normal.

Airdate: August 14, 1999
It's an okay episode. I like the scene where SpongeBob tries to stay at Squidward's house. Patrick was kinda annoying and I didn't like how no one helped Squidward at the end. 8/10.
Pretty cool episode. I like what this episode did with the concept. It also gave me a few chuckles. I think it's decent.

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7. Home Sweet Pineapple (B)
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Yeah I agree, pretty good, not great, not really mediocre. Just solid. There are some very good scenes and it fits Season 1 very well.
Major first episode bias with this one. It manages to tell a fantastic story with emotion and comedy, many funny moments. Also been one of my favorites ever since I first saw it. 10/10