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The following is a serious, Wikipedia-style article on the user PhilipB. For a satirical profile of this member written by PhilipB himself, see here.
Group Friend
Joined 3 April 2005
Member No. 425
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PhilipB is a moderator on the SpongeBuddy Mania Forums. He joined in 2005 but did not start posting until mid 2006. He became honored with the title of moderator in the summer of 2012. He is famous for his Neil Patrick Harris profile picture. He has stated he wants to change it to a picture from SpongeBob, but has decided not to because he is now associated with his current picture.

PhillipB was the first member known to have finished a list. The problem is, his list only contained a Top 3. Which is basically short. He originated from the United Kingdom, the place where his collies, like DadMom, SBRoxMan, and Roadie, were born. He is very witty and humorous as proven by his satire PhillipB article that was made by himself of course. Back in SBMania he was claimed to be one of the legends of the site, along with DadMom AngryPants, ssj4gogita4, abney317, and so on . . .. As of 7/13/15 he has 5,594 post. He is 19 years old. He has been a mod for 3 years.

An uncropped version of one of PhilipB's avatar
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