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Some of the Top 100 Lists

Top 100 Lists are common types of threads on SBMania, in the forum's "SpongeBob" section, where a user lists his or her top 100 episodes and explains where and why each episode is placed or why it made the list.

These kinds of topics are very commonly found in the SpongeBob sub-forum. But sadly, the majority of these lists are never finished. In fact, only four members have ever finished a top 100 list; SpongeRoadie UK's Top 100 was finished in September 2012. The episode that reached #1 was Krusty Krab Training Video, as Roadie claimed that "the episode was very creative and complete". This list is famous for being incredibly detailed. Roadie's ability to review an episode (a single episode gets 2 paragraphs of critics and praise) also helped the list's popularity. It was Roadie's dream to be the first man ever to finish a Top 100 list. And many members congratulate him.

The others belong to Halibut, whose #1 was Squid's Day Off, That One Random Boss, whose #1 was Prehibernation Week, and Milkmaidman, whose #1 was The Camping Episode.

Outside the circle of Top 100's there are many other countdown style lists. PhillipB, for example, has made a top 3. And yes, of course, he finished it. The same goes for DirtyDan. He finished his top 15. Incredibly (or rather, mysteriously) both lists feature Missing Identity on the number 1 spot.

The trend started with the most popular Top 100 List, and was once the list which racked up the most episodes before being forgotten about. It was TattleTaleStrangler's (Evan's Incredibly Long TOP 100 EPISODE COUNTDOWN!), which operated mainly from 2008–2010. It reached #23. This list may have operated outside of these dates, however, because operation of his list slowed to a crawl and he ended up posting a new episode only every 6-7 months. In spite of this, it became and remained, although not the most complete, the most popular and discussed Top 100 list in the Forums of all time.

Some members have tried to replicate this form by making their own Top 100. The trend slowed down for 2-3 months, because the majority of the members were still trying to follow Evan's list. When the list stopped updating, PatStar2000 came along and made his Top 100. He claimed the list to be a failure, and has made a new and improved Top 102. He finished in July 2013, with Idiot Box Being Number 1

On December 27, 2012, the staff added a "Fan Favorites" section to the forums to hold all of the "Top X" lists.

Other members who finished top 100 lists are Halibut, That One Random Boss, and Milkmaidman

Notable Lists "Evan's incredibly long top 100 episode countdown" #1 episode: Unknown "E.V.I.L.'s Top 117 (hopefully) from Season 1-6!" #1 episode: Known, but revealed before finishing of list (Squidville) "Milkmaid's Top 111!" #1 episode: The Camping Episode