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Joined August 4, 2013
Member No. 4193
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Lightning McStorm (also known as Storm or ThunderStorm, among other names) is a member who joined SBM on August 4, 2013. Formerly a highly-controversial member, he has 7 warning points, and has undergone several suspensions. He found the site through SBC. He likes WWE, comic book-based movies, cartoons, reading and writing fanfiction, etc. and was, at one point, known as a troll on SBC. As of 5/20/18, he had 5,892 posts, the 22nd-highest post count on SBM at the time.

In late 2013, Storm was the primary target of HawkbitAlpha and the Tangi Gang (then known as Team Rage), always being attacked by them in the chat. However, his ban from the chat resolved this quickly. As of May 2014, Storm has become friends with the four's parent group, Task Force 51, and is considered to be one of their longest-lasting supporters on SBM.

In April 2015, Storm got into a fight with Leedles in the chat, which resulted in him being permanently banned from the chat. He later left SBM due to this, but returned later on. In August 2015, he was banned completely for unnecessary topic spamming and for sexually harassing members. Following this, he later threatened to hack the site in two (now-deleted) YouTube videos, where he was ridiculed in the comments by various SBM and SBC members, as well as others, including Task Force 51 staffer MartinattiX. However, said hack was never carried out.

In December 2016, Storm was given one last chance to remain on SBM, along with Ol Bold and Brash and YellowShadow. However, in November 2018, Storm was banned on from the forums yet again, joining a wave of members who purposefully got themselves banned in protest against SBM.