The DS Guy

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The DS Guy
Group Banished
Joined December 25th, 2015
Member No. 6739
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The DS Guy is a former member of SpongeBuddy Mania. He is a particularly infamous member in SBM history due to his outspoken conservative political stances, and his willingness to spread them whenever possible, such as when discussing a mere apartment building fire. This came to a head with a widely-mocked thread he created in August 2017 named "Homophobia", in which he attempted to deny being homophobic, while defending his homophobic viewpoint.

The DS Guy's various missteps landed him in a rivalry with then-Chat Mod HawkbitAlpha, who directly spurred on his banishment in December 2017 by writing a public blog entry implicitly calling for him to be banned from SBM. In response to this, DS Guy was unilaterally banished from SBM by Moxley♥, setting off a brief community snarl that resulted in spongedude resigning over his handling of the situation.