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Group Admin
Joined 7 April 2004
Member No. 4
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ssj4gogita4 (often referred to simply as ssj) is a founding member and administrator of SBMania who joined the site on April 7th, 2004.[1]

He is a common subject of SpongeBuddy Mania lore due to his many quirks, memorable posts, and the legendary "Tease ssj topic," which is pinned in the Dump section of the forums. He is very generous and sends out gifts and/or money from his own pocket for prizes when contests are held every so often.

ssj once harbored more posts on the forums than any other member until he was overtaken by Stinkoman 20X6, and later, E.V.I.L. As of 3/29/17, he has 22,895 posts. He has the 4th-highest reputation (like count) on the site.

Since 2013, he has also been popularly associated with a popular phrase of reasoning: "because you touch yourself at night."

Name meaning

On the topic "SBM Praisebook 2012", he revealed the meaning of his username. ssj4 was meant to be "Super Saiyan 4", which is the highest level of the Saiyan race in the Dragon Ball franchise; "Gogita" was (prior to the creation of Dragon Ball Super) the merging of two Dragon Ball characters, Goku and Vege(i)ta; and the last number, 4, was his favorite number. Coincidentally, he is the fourth member on the forums to join.[2]

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