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The SpongeBuddy Mania Wiki is this site. It is the wiki for SpongeBuddy Mania, and has articles mostly about the forums and the community and the history of the community of the forums, such as member articles.


The original wiki

The original unofficial "SBM Wiki" was launched on 23 April 2007, headed by the brothers Mr. Dr. Professor Patrick and TattleTale Strangler, and hosted on a Freehostia account. Here is the original thread. The wiki ran under MediaWiki (like the current wiki) and used a skin based off the old SBM forum skin "Redux". The wiki quickly expanded with many articles about users of the SBM forums.

SBM Wiki becomes SpongyWiki

However, the original wiki was to be short-lived. On 9 July 2007, MDPP posted a new thread on SBM announcing the SpongyWiki. The new wiki was to be about SpongeBob in general and no longer about the SBM community. All pages related to SBM were deleted.

SpongyWiki quickly expanded and became one of the most popular SpongeBob sites on the net, and for a time surpassed SBM itself in site ranking. However eventually activity died down and after 1 year and 3 months, TTS officially announced the closure of SpongyWiki.

A new SBM Wiki

It would take another five years before a new SBM Wiki would launch. In the shoutbox, BluePikmin11 expressed an idea to launch a SBM wiki. The new wiki launched on Wikia, a site that allows anyone to host a free wiki. Only five days later the first official SBM wiki launched on this site.