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Sireatsalot (styled as sireatsalot, often referred to as SEAL) is an inactive member who was active as a popular poster in late 2009 and early 2010, at the tail end of the Golden Era. She joined the forums on September 16, 2009.[1]

In spite of the name, sireatsalot was a female member. She was notable for being one of the oldest known members of the forums—she was 32 when she joined. She was only rivaled in this respect by former moderator Airedale Lady, who also was in her thirties when she was active.

She was noted for being one of the more humorous and intelligent members of the forums and was also noted for making frequent allusions to the Portland Trail Blazers, a team of which she had an avid fandom.

She lives somewhere in the Portland, Oregon area and, with the exception of a very brief return in March 2012, left SBMania in mid-2010 and has been inactive since.

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