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Throughout SBM's history there have been many memes that have come and gone.

List of Memes


I'M A BUNNY NOW was a meme on SBM that originated in April 2018. It is a meme about the ending of Bunny Hunt, where Squidward turns into a bunny. The meme is that the scene is godly and that everyone is a bunny now, even people who try to deny it. Honest Slug even changed his name to "Honest Slug is a Bunny Now". The meme originated when President Squidward said on discord that the scene was going to kill Squidicula, and Honest Slug popularized it on both discord and the main site. The meme also led to the episode briefly being the highest rated episode on the site.

Pat the Horse is cute as Pinkie Pie

This meme began when a user by the name of SpongeBuddyPH posted a review of the SpongeBob episode "Pat the Horse". In this review, the aforementioned line was stated as a reason why he liked the episode. Not long afterwards, this post became popularized on the site due to users like Honest Slug making reference to it. The meme is also associated with the SBM emoticon Pattongue, which SpongeBuddyPH used at the end of that famous line. During the review, he also misspells Ben Gruber's name was "Ben Gruper", which has become a meme, being that Ben Gruper is a godly writer.

This is the whole review: Episode: Pat the Horse (S11-E225-B)

This is the best episode! It's like Ben Gruper revived (not rip-off) My Pretty Seahorse. Patrick the horse looks cute as Pinkie Pie!  :pattongue:

Final Score = 11/10  :1st:  :whoo:  :sbyes:


The eggplants meme is a meme where people will react to (on discord), or post :eggplant: (on the main site), toward someone. Eggplants are typically reacted with/posted when a certain person posts or when anyone posts something stupid, strange, random, or memey. The meme started when SpongeBob & Patrick posted that he hates eggplants, leading to people reacting to his posts with eggplants. It became even more popular the next day when he posted a thread about foods that hate him. The eggplants have since been extended to include BCG2000 and spongebranch a lot too. Additionally, other people are reacted to with other foods they hate, as their own version of the eggplant.

Todd Phillips

Squidy's reviews (including the squid noir review)

The meme started because of a user named Squidy writing hilariously bad reviews on SpongeBob Episodes. The reviews were usually nonsenseical, as they contradicted themselves, had poor grammar, made no sense, sometimes didn't have anything to do with the episode, and most notourisly, had grades that made no sense. His highest grade was 11 which was a "GOLDEN Episode", and anything below that was great at best, leading to nonsenseical grades such as 10.5/10 just being good and 9.5/10 being meh. As a result, many members used a similar format to Squidy's as a joke. His most famous review is his one for Squid Noir, in which he insulted the episode by claiming "none from Michigan was seen," along with his other quote, "geez I can't do anything."

Squidy's original Squid Noir Review:

Wow, disappointed. None from Michigan was seen. Bubble bass was just a side character the this episode. They lied. They also had horrible choices for the colors. It wasn't funny. SCUMBOB episode. Don't do this again Nick. 3/10.

Squidy's Squid Noir review (edited):

Edit: Geez I can’t do anything. So this episode wasn’t funny but the colors were not fair. It felt like a short too. Not changing my mind so yes, it’s still a SCUMBOB episode. 3.5/10


dpongebob is a meme that originated on January 14th, 2018. It started when mythix super saiyan 4 accidently added a compliment on Novus misspelling "Spongebob" as "dpongebob". The compliment was "if you were a dpongebob season you would be season 8". While the compliment has since been removed, the typo "dpongebob" has became a meme, which is that dpongebob is a godly show and better than Spongebob, with its best season being season 8. The meme continued even furher when Honest Slug actually added a compliment misspelling "spongebob longpants" as "dpongebob longpanths", which is now considered the best episode of dpongebob.

Time of the Month

Time of the Month is a fake SpongeBob episode that became a meme in 2015. It originally comes from the page for the SpongeBob episodes in Wikipedia when someone added it to the episode list in Season 9 when it wasn't confirmed by the crew. The plot of this episode was: "Squids ink monthly, so Squidward and Squilliam need something absorbent", which references a woman's period. The popularity of Time of the Month increased in January 2017 when Leedles (end my suffering) trolled Sperngeyberb by mentioning it, causing him to overrract by saying it doesn't exist. In 2018, the meme was revived when people found out that a real SpongeBob episode called "Ink Lemonade" was going to air, and some people joked about actually being Time of the Month, to the point of saying it would be a godly episode even before it aired. However, the bad reputation of Ink Lemonade after it aired caused the death of this meme since the episode was so bad they couldn't enjoy it ironically.

Sandy's Muscles

The Sandy's Muscles meme is a meme about Sandy's Muscles. It originated in mid-2017, when a user named Tacomaster continuesly talked all the time about Sandy's Muscles, as well as the episodes her muscles were in. The most notable example of this was a thread he added in the fry cook games titled "Squirrel Muscle Designer", where you make your own Sandy Muscle scene.

Background fish

The meme originated from a user called Spongebranch, who was known to obsess over background fish. Often posting about them on the Discord particularly. He is also known for his hate of the SpongeBob episode "SpongeBob, You're Fired" and tried to get the mods involved when someone said they liked the episode. Both of these traits led to a SBM meme when discussing whether "Sportz?" was better than "SpongeBob, You're Fired" and his defense of "Sportz?" was that "But at least one of the redeem-abilities in Sportz was the vast majority of the show's background characters appearing in the audience, meaning we can see so many classic character designs in HD. (Although I may be just exaggerating and i'm not sure if that was meant to be a joke) and how Mrs. Tentacles appeared physically in the audience as a gag." Due to being something that has little impact on the quality of the episode and for showing Spongebranch's background fish obsession, background fish quickly became a meme on SBM with many members changing their avatars to various background fish as well as saying that background fish were godly.

Shinobu Oshino

Shinobu Oshino was a user known for her openness towards saying what she found attractive, including the sea urchins in Nature Pants, SpongeBob's manly voice in Hall monitor, the fungus from "Fungus Among Us" and David Humphrey's voice as Shadow. Her posts were given a reputation due to their explict nature by the standards of a kid's side. Because of this many have turned these posts into memes, particularly on the Discord server where some are added as compliments. One of the most common ones is the "I'm a furry" status.

The original "I'm a furry" status.

"Yeah, I'm a furry. It's not my fault. David Humphrey had to give such a sexy voice to Shadow the Hedgehog. But guess what? I'm not gonna run screaming about it like how I used to do with things I found attractive. I accept the degeneracy and move on to talking about SpongeBob."