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Friends is a special user group on the forums. It was created to give former staff, or in some cases have made a notable contribution to the site, a special title, rather than just becoming a normal member once again. Friends have a special member tag. There are currently 28 members in the Friends user group.

Staff usually become Friends when they have stopped actively visiting the site, or just don't visit it as often. The staff member will be asked whether they want to choose to stay as a member of staff, but more often than not if they have not visited the forum in a while they will be demoted without notice or if they have not sent a response. Not all former staff members are placed in the Friends group.

The "friends" system has caused confusion among members, especially newer members, who often mistakenly think that members filed under Friends are users who they have friended or who have friended them.

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Meaning of the "Friends" designation