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Last updated: 28th December 2005
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Newest members: Bruno, Tiia, Amy, Andy B., and Gemma P.

Site Updates!

Subject: Lots of news!
   Date &Time: August 22 2005 11:45 EDT
   Category: Updates

Guess what, everybody? Today we finally hit 100 members! Wee! Congratulations to everybody for helping us get to our first big milestone!

So, as a thank you in celebration of this big event, I've managed to sit down and crank out 225 new buttons for the fanlisting! That's right! We now have a grand total of 281 banners in a range of sizes for visitors to use on their sites! Please feel free to have a look around through our button gallery. Which is your fave? I think mine is a tie between this Mr. Krabs one or this Gary and Spongebob one. :D What do you think?

More news! I've reworked the members page a little - you can now see a little avatar of your favorite Spongebob Squarepants TV show character beside your name! Go have a look! Also, I have added 5 more SBSP characters to the favorites list: Pearl Krabs, Sandy Cheeks, Mermaid Man, Barnacle Boy and The Flying Dutchman. If they're your favorite characters, please feel free to update your info to change your avatar. Give it a shot!

In other news, we've added a lot of new affiliates! Please be sure to go and have a look and check them out. Have you got a Spongebob related fansite or fanlisting you'd like to affiliate with Spongebob-Squarepants.tv? Please drop us a line to affiliate!

I'm also planning on revamping the site a little - adjust the layout a little bit and add some extra features. Those are next in the plans, so hopefully I will be able to get down to business when my holidays come up! Keep your eyes peeled for new developments.

Until then, Spongefans, stay cool!


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