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Plankton's Holiday Hits

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Airdate:December 4, 2002
Plot:A commercial for Plankton's new Christmas album, "Plankton's Holiday Hits." The commercial includes samplings of the album with Plankton singing multiple parodies of well know Christmas songs. To order the album, you must send Plankton the Krabby Patty secret formula.

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"He rocked the country with his album 'Born to Chum.' He went all the way to number one with his hit record, 'Krabby Road.' And now Plankton's back with a brand new collection of holiday hits. All of your favorites interpreted by your favorite microscopic organism. 'Come All Ye Faithful'"

"De de de de de de de de de. De de de de de de de de de. De de de de de de de de..."