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Bunny Hunt

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Airdate:March 30, 2018
@12:00 am EST
Season: 11
Prod. Number: 223b
Air Number: 223b
Paired With:Sanitation Insanity
Directors:Adam Paloian (Supervising), Bob Jaques (Animation)
Writers:Mr. Lawrence
Plot:A sea bunny ravages Squidward's garden, but SpongeBob thinks it's cute.
On Video:
The Complete Eleventh Season

Random Quotes (View Transcript)
"I am a culinary genius, no? Here you are, sir. Ze specialty of mah house. Roast Salad à la Squidward. Sacré bleu! I must apologize, monsieur, I have forgotten the parsley for the garnish! Stay warm, my little squiddy. Le owwwww! Typical, I always forget something. A sea bunny? That voracious vermin is ruining my French chef fantasy, why… Oh, oh, no no, no, I have a ticklish core! My roast à la Squidward! What the…"

"VEGETABLES!!! That's what you like. Isn't it, bunny? We'll see what we got in the fridge. Woops, I'm outta veggies, but I've got something even better! Gary's good, yay! Does Bunny Wunny like his dinny winny? Alright, Gary's food is out. Got it. I'll getcha veggies, I'll be right back! Bunny Wunny, I've got a surprise for y… I'm going to have to chew-proof this whole house, fast! Hot sauce outta' do the trick. Huh? No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! My comic books! I got to get rid of all that hot sauce!"