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Two Thumbs Down

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Airdate:March 12, 2016
@7:30 pm EST
Season: 9
Prod. Number: 197b
Air Number: 197b
Paired With:Mall Girl Pearl
Directors:Fred Osmond (Storyboard), Dave Cunningham (Supervising), Alan Smart, Tom Yasumi (Animation)
Writers:Kyle McCulloch
Songs:Thumbs Song
Plot:SpongeBob loses the use of his thumbs, and must get them back in working order before his entire life falls apart.
On Video:
The Complete Ninth Season

Random Quotes (View Transcript)
"SpongeBob, I can't say that for certain. I'm only a board-certified thumbologist. I don't know everything. I can only say, you must give it time, and see. There are limits to science. But you should prepare yourself for the possibility that… you may never… regain your superior thumbs again."
-Dr. Manfish

"Oh, Patrick."