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Airdate:April 5, 2012
Season: 8
Prod. Number: 168b
Air Number: 207
Paired With:Restraining SpongeBob
Directors:Casey Alexander and Zeus Cervas (storyboard), Vincent Waller (creative), Tom Yasumi (animation)
Writers:Casey Alexander, Zeus Cervas, and Mr. Lawrence
Plot:Plankton mistakenly swipes a piece of art instead of a Krabby Patty.
On Video:
The Complete Eighth Season

Random Quotes (View Transcript)
"So, what have you got for me today, huh? No Krabby Patty in sight. What? What's this? Looks like a chewed up Krabby Patty. A perfect sample from which to rebirth engineer a whole Krabby Patty. Thanks, Eugene. You just made my job a whole lot easier."

"Who's that?"