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Airdate:December 31, 1999
Season: 1
Prod. Number: 14a
Air Number: 14a
Paired With:Karate Choppers
Directors:Aaron Springer (storyboard), Tom Yasumi (animation), Derek Drymon (creative)
Writers:Aaron Springer, Erik Wiese, Mr. Lawrence
Plot:Squidward flees to the Krusty Krab in search of quiet and winds up frozen in the freezer. When he finally thaws, he finds himself in the future and wonders how to go back!
On Video:
Nautical Nonsense Nautical Nonsense & Sponge Buddies The Complete 1st Season The First 100 Episodes

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"Well, I wouldn't have chosen this interior. Oh, what's this? Well, if SpongeBob exists in the future, I'd better go to the past. Wow, primitive. Has sort of an old-world charm. Whoa! I guess this is before manners were invented! Well, at least there's no sign of SpongeBrat. Maybe now I can finally be alone with my clarinet. Huh? What? Huh? SpongeBob? Stay back! Uhh, no thanks. Uhh, hi there. Well, I better be going now. Yes, that's my arm. Oh, that's sweet. What, is it time for your flea bath now? Oh, it's just a little jellyfish. Well, I'm going away now. Ah, here's a nice, shady spot, away from those fools. What are you simpletons doing?! You're supposed to catch these things, not torture yourself with them! Give me those loincloths! I can't believe it. This ought to make things go a little smoother. Give me those things. You're supposed to catch them, like this. It's called jellyfishing. Ah, finally! Ahh! Get me out of here! Uh-oh."