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A Pal for Gary

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Airdate:January 1, 2010
Season: 7
Prod. Number: 131b
Air Number: 153b
Paired With:Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful
Directors:Casey Alexander and Zeus Cervas (storyboard), Vincent Waller (creative), Andrew Overtoom (animation)
Writers:Casey Alexander, Zeus Cervas, Richard Pursel
Plot:SpongeBob brings Gary a pet that terrorizes him.
On Video:
Heroes of Bikini Bottom The Complete Seventh Season

Random Quotes (View Transcript)
"Gary, shame on you! Puffy Fluffy is perfectly harmless. See, there he is, fast asleep. Now will you let me sleep, Gary, please? Goodnight."

"Better go check and see how my little buddies are getting along. Huh? That's interesting, must have been a seaquake last night. Oh well, what are you gonna do? That's unusual. My library! And my prized memoirs of T.S. Halibut. My clothes! This was no random seaquake. Who could have done this? There was no-one here except for … Gary! I bet he's jealous about the new friend. Gary! You are in big trouble, mister! Gary! Gary, unlock this door immediately! Gary, Gary do you hear? Gary? All right, Gary, you have left me no choice. Gary!"