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Jellyfish Species

Jellyfish are found in every ocean around the world. Some are just one color while others have vibrant colors on them. They produce jelly just like bees produce honey.

In the cartoon, SpongeBob SquarePants, the Jellyfish live in a place called Jellyfish Fields where the population is around 4 million, according to the episode "Jellyfish Hunter". The sport of "Jellyfishing" is very popular with SpongeBob and Patrick. Even Squidward has tried his hand at Jellyfishing but most of the time it is SpongeBob and Patrick who try and catch the Jellyfish. Sometimes they will catch one in their Jellyfishing nets and then release them, other times they will get stung by the Jellyfish, or they will squirt jelly out of the stingers of the Jellyfish.

There are several different types of Jellyfish that have been seen throughout the seasons:

Blue Jellyfish - First seen in "Tea at the Treedome" at the beginning of the episode before SpongeBob met Sandy. Has four stingers but no spots.

Also seen in "Jellyfish Hunter", this rare species has a nickname of No-Name because SpongeBob had caught and named every jellyfish except for this one. That is, until the end of the episode where SpongeBob did catch it and renamed him 'Friend'. This is one of the only times a jellyfish has spoken. He says 'bring it on' to SpongeBob at a tease to try and catch him.

Pink Jellyfish - First seen in "Jellyfishing." This is the most commonly seen Jellyfish in Jellyfish Fields. The number of spots varies from Jellyfish to Jellyfish. It has four tentacles.

Giant Jellyfish - First seen in "Jellyfishing." Not sure if queen, king, or just a normal, giant jellyfish. Zaps Squidward after he messes with a small, pink jellyfish. This giant jellyfish has seven stingers, just like the King Jellyfish. It also has six spots.

SpongeBob Jellyfish - First seen in "Nature Pants", SpongeBob turns into a Jellyfish when he starts daydreaming about being with the jellyfish in Jellyfish Fields. Yellow in color with same face, no dots, and five stingers.

Big Lenny - First seen in "I'm Your Biggest Fanatic". He is a poisonous Jellyfish that kills everyone but Doctor Man-o-war, who has a big pink swelling bubble on the right side of his face to prove of his survival. Doctor Man-o-war tells everyone that it only hurts when someone touches it. Low and behold, Patrick touches it and he screams.

Queen Jellyfish - First seen "I'm Your Biggest Fanatic" as a robot that Kevin the Sea Cucumber and the Jellyspotters built to zap and scare SpongeBob. It was destroyed after a King Jellyfish chased it into a cave.

King Jellyfish - First seen in "I'm Your Biggest Fanatic." He rules over all of Jellyfish Fields. One major difference with the king in that it is purple and not pink. He has seven tentacles and wears a cape and a crown.

Jeffrey Jellyfish - First seen in "I'm Your Biggest Fanatic". He is a fish in a costume there for the bi-annual Jellyfish Convention. Patrick chases after him at the beginning of the episode and captures Jeffrey and takes him home in a wagon.

Jellyfish Doodle - First seen in "Frankendoodle", SpongeBob draws this jellyfish with a magic pencil that he and Patrick found after it fell from the sky. The doodle magically came to life after it was drawn and just floated away.

Squidward Doodle - First seen in "Frankendoodle", Patrick draws a jellyfish with Squidward's face and personality. However, SpongeBob and Patrick find it creepy and erase it.

Albino Jellyfish - Once spoken of by SpongeBob in the episode "The Secret Box" that Patrick might have in his secret box. Could be the world's only one.

Glowing Three-Spot - First seen in "SpongeBob's Last Stand", it's a very rare breed, according to SpongeBob. It has a glowing aura around it and three pink spots.

Five-Spot - First seen in "SpongeBob's Last Stand", Patrick catches it in his net. It's a pink jellyfish but it only has one spot, even though Patrick calls it a five-spot.

Jellien Leader - First seen in "Planet of the Jellyfish", this giant green jellyfish alien eats other jellyfish to make millions of clones so they can go make more clones of every citizen in Bikini Bottom.

Jellien Clone - First seen in "Planet of the Jellyfish", these pink jellyfish have big, black eyes and can enlarge themselves to the size of the mammal they are trying to clone. Once they have enlarged themselves, they will squirt out an exact clone of that mammal, except with large eyes.

According to "The Pink Purloiner", during the Jellyfish Migration, Jellyfish from all around the world gather in Jellyfish Fields, for three days, and trade their jelly secrets. Here are some jellyfish that are seen elsewhere around the world:

Blue-crested Blaster - A really rare jellyfish. Is blue, has a crest, like a rooster, on top of it's body.

Speckled Squirter - A pink-spotted jellyfish that has seven tentacles and five squirters around it's body. Squirts jelly out of its tentacles and squirters.

Two-Fisted Jumper - An orange-colored, yellow-spotted jellyfish with two fists, four tentacles, and two antennas on the top.

Gold-Throated Stinger - A gold-colored, pink-spotted jellyfish with four tentacles and an arrowhead tentacle as a stinger.