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All Bot Myself (Episodes)

Chopping Spree (Episodes)

The Patrick Show After Dark (Episodes)

The Fun Bucket (Episodes)

Cleanin' House (Episodes)

Time to Eat (Episodes)

Big League Bob (Episodes)


Which new episode was the best? (5/20-5/23):
Tattoo Hullabaloo
Too Many Patricks
Much Tofu About Nothing
5 Star Restaurant

Upcoming Episodes

SpongeBob SquarePants

Mooned! - Jul 17 @5:05pm EST

Hysterical History - Jul 18 @5:05pm EST

The Dirty Bubble Bass - Jul 22 @5:05pm EST

Sheldon SquarePants - Jul 23 @5:05pm EST

Sammy Suckerfish - Jul 24 @5:05pm EST

Big League Bob - Jul 25 @5:05pm EST

The Patrick Star Show

At Home, on the Lam - Jul 22 @4:34pm EST

Pick Patrick's Path - Jul 23 @4:34pm EST

Time to Eat - Jul 24 @4:34pm EST

Cleanin' House - Jul 25 @4:34pm EST

The Fun Bucket - Jul 29

The Patrick Show After Dark - Jul 30

Chopping Spree - Jul 31

All Bot Myself - Aug 1

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